TRAVEL DIARY | Random Myths and Truths about The Netherlands

Windmills the Netherlands

With all the traveling I’ve done so far in my life and the different posts I’ve written about my travels, I’ve never written anything specific about where I live, except for the post about my visit to the Dutch tulip fields. Obviously, we as people always have this stereotype about one another, whether it’s about […]

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TRAVEL DIARY | 5 Life Lessons From My Trip To Suriname

Suriname Fort Nieuw Amsterdam

After a much needed “blogging break” of one month, I can finally give you lovely people a full update about my trip to my birth place of Suriname. I spent the last 26 days of November 2016 in Suriname, which wasn’t planned at all. This trip was one of those spontaneous travels, which came about at the right time in my life

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TRAVEL DIARY | Sweet Memories Of Autumn In Montreal


Although Autumn is one of my least favorite seasons, there’s still something fascinating about the way Mother Nature transforms green Summer leaves into beautiful warm shades of brown, orange, yellow and red. Clearly Autumn doesn’t always look like a beautiful explosion of colors in every city or country (for that matter), but when I think of Autumn, I think of my time spent in Canada.

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TRAVEL DIARY | Highlights Of The Beautiful Seychelles Islands

seychelles flag

I’m a dreamer by nature and a traveler at heart. And as long as I can remember I always had the dream of one day visiting Seychelles. Somehow this Indian Ocean island and smallest country of Africa(by population) has always appealed to me, especially after many photos I had seen on the internet along with some travel documentaries.

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TRAVEL DIARY | From Albania To Saudi Arabia: 6 Countries I Never Ever Thought I’d Visit, But I Did

We all know the expression “never say never”, and even I am sometimes guilty of saying things like “I would never do this” or “I would never go there” , but let’s just be honest: No one can predict the future and I believe anything is possible! Things happen unexpectedly, life changes and you might end up on a path you never thought was even possible in the first place.

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TRAVEL DIARY | Paris Isn’t For Changing Planes, It’s For Changing Your Outlook

“Paris isn’t for changing planes, it’s for changing your outlook, for throwing open the windows and letting in la vie en rose.” – {Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina Fairchild, Sabrina (1954)} …And this is exactly how I see the city of light, love and fashion; Through rose colored glasses. With all that’s happening in our world today, […]

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