59 Random Facts About Me

59 random facts about me

When I read other blogs I’m always curious about the person behind it and an “About Me” page doesn’t do it for me. I’m sorry, it just doesn’t. And I believe others would probably think the same about me when they read my blog. So I thought to myself: Let’s get a bit personal and share some more details and facts about myself.

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THURSDAY THOUGHTS | Set Timeless Goals and Let Life Flow


‘Tis the Season where we not only reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly of the current year, but we also look forward to the year ahead. As for me, I love planning things and setting goals for myself(whether quarterly or yearly), but experience has taught me that often in life things don’t always go as planned.

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THURSDAY THOUGHTS | 5 Things I’ve Learned From 1 Year Of Blogging

It’s my 1 year blogiversary!!! Time really does fly when you’re having fun! I can’t believe I started this blogging journey one year ago, which brought me tons of joy and so much more. Although I do have to say that there are still times where I just don’t feel inspired to blog at all, but somehow I find my way to get through the writer’s block.

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THURSDAY THOUGHTS | 3 Reasons Why I Started Blogging

reasons to start blogging

For some, blogging is a job, for others it’s just a hobby and for a few it’s a mix of both.

Obviously blogging has a different meaning for different people and each blogger has their own story of why they started blogging in the first place.

As for me, I started blogging for the following 3 reasons:

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Why Thursday In August? – The Full Story Behind My Blog Name


In today’s post I’m going to explain for once and for all(let’s hope)the meaning and reason behind the name of my blog. I’ve been asked this question a bunch of times(on and offline), and even if they don’t ask for it, I bet people still “wonder”.
So why Thursday in August?

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