My First Time Shopping at KIKO MILANO + BLOGGING BREAK!


It’s been a while! For the past month I’ve been taking it a bit slow in terms of blogging, and I’ve also taken a break from Social Media. I’m still figuring out the exact direction of my blog, because I’m not sure if I still want to write about fashion and beauty in the long run.With that said, this beauty post will be the last one for now and it’s about my first time shopping at KIKO MILANO.

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Thursday Plantation: 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil To Heal Breakouts Effectively

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil

I have an oily skin that’s super sensitive to breakouts every now and then. So I’m always careful with certain skincare products, and of course the food I eat. With that said, I’m always looking for ways to treat my pimples and for the past few weeks I’ve tried and tested Australia’s Original 100% Pure […]

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LOVEA NATURE Shower Gel and Body Lotion

Lovea Nature shower gel and body lotion

More and more skincare brands are launching paraben-free and sulfate-free products. I’ve been seeing it a lot in hair care products like shampoos, but lately in body care as well. And so a little over a month ago, I was sent some new products to try out from LOVEA NATURE; A French cosmetics brand that […]

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How My Hair Survives The Winter With These 5 Tips

5 winter hair care tips

Dry air, dry hair. I’ve got naturally dry hair and living in a cold climate doesn’t make it any better, especially during the winter season when my hair needs that extra TLC. So to avoid my hair from extra dryness and winter damage, I’ve created a “winter hair care regimen” for myself that I’d like to share with you.

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DIY: Christmas Red Glitter Nails


In the spirit of Christmas I will show you how to create a quick and easy manicure combining red nail polish with a glitter top coat.

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