My First Time Shopping at KIKO MILANO + BLOGGING BREAK!


Hi lovelies,

It’s been a while! For the past month I’ve been taking it a bit slow in terms of blogging, and I’ve also taken a break from Social Media. I’m still figuring out the exact direction of my blog, because I’m not sure if I still want to write about style and beauty in the long run. I might change it into a “life + travel” type of blog, but I will get more clear about this as we head towards the Summer.  And not to mention the fact that I still want to make that switch to somewhere this year also!

With that said, this beauty post will be the last one for now and it’s about my first time shopping at KIKO MILANO.  It’s been a while since I shopped for makeup and KIKO MILANO shops are expanding in Europe like crazy! I’ve always wanted to try out some of their products, since I’ve heard good reviews about the quality, and not to mention the price; Because this Italian makeup brand is one of the cheapest and leading brands out of the bunch in Europe.

Anyways, so what did I buy? Chocolate colored lipsticks,  lip liners and eye shadows!

Kiko Milano Chocolate Makeup Haul

Kiko Milano Chocolate Makeup Haul 2

  • Smart lipstick #935 (this color is from the old smart lipstick range as they’ve recently discontinued their original smart lipstick range. So I got 3 of the dark chocolate color since I didn’t know if this color would return in the new collection.)
  • Smart colour eyeshadow #04
  • Wet and dry eyeshadow #49
  • Smart lip pencil #704
  • Smart lip pencil #710

 Kiko Milano Smart Lipstick Chocolate 935

Kiko Milano Smart brown Eyeshadow 49

Kiko Milano Smart lip pencil 710 704

I love my new KIKO MILANO makeup, but unfortunately it doesn’t taste or smell like chocolate cookies. In fact, the scent is pretty neutral, and the cookies in my photos are just for styling purposes…although I ate them afterwards. 🙂

Have you ever shopped at KIKO MILANO? Do you like this brand and what have you bought? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and I will also update you guys soon regarding my blog changes…after my break! xo, Jey.

Kiko Milano Chocolate Makeup Haul

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