What’s In My Goodie Bag From Amsterdam Fashion Week?

Goodie Bag Amsterdam Fashion Week

It’s Fashion Week (winter) Season! From New York to London, Paris to Milan, we all know the major fashion capitals. And tiny countries like the Netherlands are often not associated with fashion, but little do people know, we do have our own Amsterdam Fashion Week, that takes place twice a year(January-winter edition and July-summer edition).

With that said, the winter edition of Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam took place last week, from January 26th  till the 29th and I was happy to be part of the production team again. If you follow me on Instagram, you might already have seen some behind-the-scenes visuals via my Instagram stories and Instagram Live.

And just like last (summer) edition I was able to score a lovely goodie bag. Only this time not from a participating designer or bloggers café, but from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week itself and its partners. In my previous Amsterdam Fashion Week goodie bag blog post, I categorized the goodies in different sections, which I’ve done for this post again: Skincare & Beauty, Fashion & Accessories, Food & Drinks, Stationery & Blogging.

This time I won’t go over the entire products from my goodie bag, because it’s quite a lot, compared to last time. So I will save it for a separate review later on, which will be mostly for the skincare and beauty products. For now I’ve just mentioned the product and brand.

amsterdam-fashion-week-goodie-bag-4Goodie Bag Amsterdam Fashion Week

Skincare & Beauty

Eyelashes : 100% human hair eyelashes(set of 3 incl. adhesive), from KARA

Pocket size antitranspirant:  Invisible for black & white from Nivea

Body scrub sample: 100% natural/organic/edible coconut coffee scrub, from BISO COCO

Hair spray: Hair Play dry wax(150ml), from KMS California

Hair serum: JUST SMOOTH taming oil(100ml), from GOLDWELL

Perfume sample: Red musk, from The Body Shop

Lip balm: Lip skin conditioning and protective balm with panthenol, vitamin E and Aloe extract from Belweder

Body cream: Sublime melting cream for very dry skin(250ml), from Collistar

Body cream: Repairing body serum for dry skin(200ml), from Intensive Care Vaseline

Skin cream: Eight Hour Cream skin protectant(30ml), from Elizabeth Arden

Hand cream: Extreme care for hands(15ml), from MAVALA

amsterdam-fashion-week-goodie-bag-7Goodie bag Amsterdam Fashion Week

Fashion & Accessories

Sweater: Grey cozy sweater with the Dutch word “Trut” (meaning Bitch), from 9lemons

Earrings: Daily Luxury zirconia silver stud earrings in rose gold, from DRKS

Clothing patch: Iron-on clothing patch, from Strijkpatches

Clothing pin: Special designed clothing pin, from GODERT.ME

Gift/Discount card: 15% discount at createyourownstyle.nl

Leather ring: specially designed for Amsterdam Fashion Week, from Bob & Bill

Leather  key chain and bracelet: from X Works, Dutch leather design

amsterdam-fashion-week-goodie-bag-12Goodie bag Amsterdam Fashion Week

Food & Drinks

Smoothie: Super smoothie “ENERGISE”(360ml), from innocent

Tonic water: Aromatic tonic water(200ml), from Fever Tree

Chocolate: White strawberry merengue chocolate bar(180gr), from Johnny Doodle

Restaurant discount card: 20% discount card, from The Roast Room

Paper napkins: from Riverdale

amsterdam-fashion-week-goodie-bag-9Goodie bag Amsterdam Fashion Week

Stationery & Blogging

This last product from my goodie bag, is one that I’m actually the happiest about: The Happiness Planner. You’ve probably seen this all over the blogosphere, but this notebook/planner is one that can add a bit of happiness to a blogger’s anyone’s life. Obviously it will take some work and dedication to keep up with your monthly goals. Since I’m not the type who sets timebound goals anymore, I will only use it for my blog post ideas and planning. And when I don’t have any inspiration to blog, then hopefully the motivational words that are in this planner will put a smile on my face and help me get back into my blogging mode. 🙂

amsterdam-fashion-week-goodie-bag-13the happiness planner

And these were all the products from my Amsterdam Fashion Week goodie bag. I will definitely use most of these products and I might give away some, but they’re  definitely worth the try!!

So tell me, have you tried any of these brands/products before? Are you planning on going to any fashion week or have you already been? Let me know! As always, xo, Jey.

Goodie bag Amsterdam Fashion Week

12 thoughts on “What’s In My Goodie Bag From Amsterdam Fashion Week?

    1. Hi Kauthar, yes these are some nice products/brands/partners! Everything in there is useful and good for branding and promotion. The first time I just asked(by sending an email with my CV and then I had to go on an interview) and then the second time I was asked to help out with the production. You can do that with any fashion week organisation around the world. I did the same with the 1st edition of fashion week LA many moons ago and a few other events in Montreal. I see you live in Canada….where exactly?? There are lots of fashion events in Canada. Good luck..hopefully this helps.😉😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow thank you very much for you detailed reply! I live in Windsor, so thats around 8 hours by drive if I were to go to Montreal. I’m hoping next summer I can get an internship that is in fashion or beauty in Toronto. Fashion week would be such an amazing opportunity! If you have anymore detailed experiences to share I would love to hear more about it! Thank You 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You’re welcome. You should also check out this popular Canadian site called styleninetofive.com for internshipships and jobs related to the the canadian fashion industry. They have one for beauty as well: beautyninetofive.com . And just try to contact either Toronto fashion week of Montreal Fashion Week, but for Montreal you have to speak French I believe. Then again, the city of TO is much more fun and has more opportunities. Hopefully you’ll get an internship and otherwise try volunteering. Once again, good luck. X

        Liked by 1 person

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