How My Hair Survives The Winter With These 5 Tips

5 winter hair care tips

Dry air, dry hair. I’ve got naturally dry hair and living in a cold climate doesn’t make it any better, especially during the winter season when my hair needs that extra TLC. So to avoid my hair from extra dryness and winter damage, I’ve created a “winter hair care regimen” for myself that I’d like to share with you.

Without further ado, here are my 5 hair care tips to survive the cold winter!

Add (olive) oil to sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo

I’ve recently switched to a sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo, because it doesn’t leave my hair dry as opposed to a “normal shampoo”.  And ever since I’ve made the switch I can totally see a difference in the way my hair feels after I’ve washed it; It feels softer, bouncy and alive!

I’m currently using Aunt Jackie’s Oh So Clean!, which is an olive oil-based moisturizing & softening shampoo, specially created for dry hair. I’m not so sure about the exact concentration of olive oil in this shampoo, so I always add my own extra virgin olive oil to my once- a-week-shampoo routine.  I love olive oil because it works for my hair; It helps to reduce flakes/dandruff,  soothes my dry scalp and softens my dry hair. Obviously, any other oil can be added to shampoo, it’s all just a matter of what works for your hair.

Deep condition at least twice a week

Besides washing my hair just once a week with shampoo, I co-wash (condition wash) it twice a week with a deep conditioner as well. I’ve stopped using a normal conditioner, because I didn’t see a difference in my hair until I started using deep conditioners. Ever since I started using a deep conditioner after shampooing, my hair started to come back to life. In the winter I deep condition my hair on average 3 times  a week(once after shampoo and twice as a co-wash), to restore and add extra moisture to my hair . And just like I add olive oil to my shampoo, I also add some to my deep conditioner(even though I usually use a olive based deep conditioner- somehow I feel it’s just marketing). If I’m in a rush I use a 3-minute deep conditioner like Aussie’s 3 minute miracle moist, otherwise I just deep condition my hair for about 30 minutes with a plastic cap. I currently use Africa’s Best Organics olive oil deep conditioner.

Use a wide tooth comb for detangling

When it comes to detangling my hair, I prefer to use a wide tooth comb instead of a normal one. This isn’t something I do during the winter months alone, but actually throughout the year! Reason why I use a wide tooth comb is because it causes less hair fall and breakage, plus detangling my hair is also less painful as opposed to a comb with less space between the teeth.

Moisturize with an (olive)oil-based lotion

Just like I moisturize and nourish my skin with lotion, butter or even oil, I use a daily moisturizer for my hair has well. I use Aunt Jackie’s Quench!, which is an olive-oil based moisture intensive leave-in conditioner (sulfate-free/paraben-free). What I love about this olive-oil based moisturizing lotion is that it gives my hair life and makes it feel refreshed and hydrated throughout the day, without feeling greasy. Since my dry hair can get very thirsty during the colder months, I just use a moisturizing lotion every day. Depending on your hair needs and level of dryness it’s up to you of course whether you would use an oil-based moisturizing lotion on a daily or not.

Hydrate overnight with (olive)oil

Besides using a oil-based lotion to moisturize my hair, another way for extra hydration is by letting your scalp hydrate overnight with a light oil. I’m crazy about olive oil, but you can use any light oil like almond as well.

So before I go to bed, I massage some oil into my scalp(I even add some to my ends – to prevent and/or restore breakage),and cover  my hair with a silk scarf. My scalp and hair really love this overnight oil treatment! You can wash it out the next day or leave it in. I do this every other day – but I usually leave it in. Also, I wouldn’t recommend a thicker oil like castor oil unless you want to wake up the next day with greasy hair!

With that said; How do you take care of your hair during the colder season? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. As always, xo, Jey.

tips to prevent dry hair in winterwinter hair care tips

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    1. You’re welcome dear. I’m happy you like these tips. Deep conditioning has really changed my natural hair for the better!! You should definitely give it a try and see how it works out for you. Add some oil to your treatments also.;) Thanks for stopping by. xoxo, Jey.

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