LAIKOU – My New Korean Snail Slime Beauty Gems

laikou snail slime skincare

I love Asian skincare products, especially from Korean brands. Why? Because they’re so innovative and cheap, compared to most Western skincare brands. It’s definitely not a secret that Korean women spend a lot of time and money on skincare products. And if you’ve ever seen or done the Korean skincare routine(which has about 10-13 steps), then you know what I’m talking about.

I actually started buying Korean skincare products a few years ago, mostly sheet masks(face, feet and hand) and charcoal/black peel off masks. And in this post I’ll share with you my latest Korean beauty gems; A snail slime-infused eye cream and sleeping mask from this brand called LAIKOU.LAIKOU SNAIL SLIME KOREAN SKINCARELAIKOU SNAIL SLIME KOREAN BEAUTY PRODUCTSLAIKOU SNAILSLIME NUTRITION SKINCARE

Before I even purchased my new Korean beauty gems from, I wanted to know the actual benefit of using snail slime on my skin. Because when I think of snails and their slime, I would never ever think of it as a skincare ingredient. Then again, the French eat snail as an appetizer, so I guess some slime on your skin wouldn’t hurt either. Nonetheless, I googled “snail slime” and found out that the slime of snails actually contains lots of nutrients that are beneficial for the skin. It is said that snail slime can help to hydrate and moisturize (dry)skin, but can also treat fine lines, wrinkles and puffy eyes. So that’s why you can find snail slime(snail mucin) in most anti-aging skincare products.

With that said, I really love my new LAIKOU eye cream with Snail Nutrition Essence(snail mucin to be exact), which I use mornings and evenings or whenever I feel my eyes need some TLC. Although I haven’t  been using it on a daily, I still like how the pleasantly smelling cream absorbs directly into my skin. The snail essence eye cream is said to reduce dark circles and fine lines, but also moisturize and firm the sensitive skin around the eyes. The cream is very light, non-greasy and silky smooth, which comes in a 30gr plastic salmon colored tube.LAIKOU SNAIL SLIME NUTRITION ESSENCE EYE CREAMLAIKOU SNAIL SLIME ESSENCE EYE CREAM

As for the LAIKOU Snail Nutrition Essence sleeping mask: The powdery smell is just amazing! This creamy snail slime-infused(snail mucin) sleeping mask, which comes in a 75gr glass jar is said to restore hydration, stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, and repair damaged skin overnight.  I’ve used the sleeping mask a few times now, and just like the eye cream, it’s lightweight, non-greasy and absorbs well into my skin. I apply LAIKOU’s snail slime-infused sleeping mask right before I go to bed(on a clean face!) and wake up the next day with my face feeling all hydrated and soft. I have an oily and acne prone skin, but this snail slime seeping mask didn’t affect my skin in a bad way at all. So I will definitely order it again in the future(after I finish this one).LAIKOU SNAIL SLIME ESSENCE SLEEPING MASKlaikou-snail-slime-face-mask-night-mask

By the way, one thing that I don’t like about both products from LAIKOU is that there’s no English description on the package at all, except for the words: SNAIL NUTRITION and Essence+ MULTI EFFECTS EXTRACT.  Luckily the English description on and other online market places helped out a lot!

Have you heard about LAIKOU Snail Nutrition Essence eye cream and sleeping mask? Or have you ever tried snail slime-infused skincare products before? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. As always, XO – Jey.SNAIL SLIME KOREAN SKINCARE BEAUTY PRODUCTS

2 thoughts on “LAIKOU – My New Korean Snail Slime Beauty Gems

  1. I won’t lie, snail cream sounds pretty gross! But, reading your review of it, it actually sounds like it may be worth a try! I have very sensitive skin, so I’ll need to research more. Thank you for sharing this!


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