THURSDAY THOUGHTS | My 7 Best Reflections of 2016

2016 reflections blog post roundup

Now that I’ve made it safe and sound into 2017, I’ve decided to write a short blog post on how I look back at 2016, which was for me a year of self-discovery and self-development.

So without further ado, 2016 will go down as the year where I :

  • Learned to be PATIENT and trust that the right job will come along, eventually. It’s just a matter of divine timing and orchestration. – For those that just stumbled upon my blog and don’t know what I’m talking about; I’ve written a post on why I quit my previous longtime job and left the airline industry(where I didn’t feel like myself anymore) to take some time off and reinvent myself creatively.
  • Decided that it’s okay to let dreams go – I’ve always had this dream of permanently living in the USA(Los Angeles to be exact), but in 2016 I decided to let this dream go and put my focus on accomplishing other dreams. Besides, who wants to live in America these days, now that Trump got elected?! Goodbye Barack Obama, I’ll definitely miss you and your family in the White House.
  • Assisted in the production of the 25th edition of Amsterdam FashionWeek( which I’ve been asked again for btw, for the upcoming edition – January 2017). Event planning and coordination is something I’ve always enjoyed doing and still do it on the side as a paid hobby. And when it involves fashion, I’m extra psyched!
  • Celebrated my one-year Blogiversary and wrote my first 3 sponsored posts(incl. press samples to review).
  1. Treaclemoon Summer 2016 Bath and Shower Gels
  2. STYLE : How To Wear Bow Tie and Stripes
  3. Organic & Botanic Skincare
  • Decided that nothing can stop me from doing what I love and will continue on doing so in 2017- Hence, blogging, blogging and more blogging!! I trust in myself and truly believe that 2017 will go down as a year of more creative expression/expansion, wisdom, manifestation and clarity.

With that said, I wish you all a Fabulous New Year!  How do you look back at 2016? XO, Jey.

2 thoughts on “THURSDAY THOUGHTS | My 7 Best Reflections of 2016

    1. Thank you so much Charlotte for your lovely comments :). Still have to reply to all your previous ones..sorry for the delay. I wish you a fabulous start of the new week! xo, Jey.

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