THURSDAY THOUGHTS | Set Timeless Goals and Let Life Flow


‘Tis the Season where we not only reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly of the current year, but we also look forward to the year ahead. As for me, I love planning things and setting goals for myself(whether quarterly or yearly), but experience has taught me that often in life things don’t always go as planned. So I’ve decided that from now on I will do things slightly differently; I’m going to refrain from assigning any time limit to all of my personal goals and just let life flow.


We all have dreams and wishes that we’d like to fulfill in our lives, and I have a bunch of them myself. Yet, when it comes to turning dreams into reality, you have to set goals, and often with goals comes a time frame. And what happens when you haven’t accomplished your goal within your chosen time frame? You become disappointed, upset and maybe even depressed(and I’ve certainly been through all stages, I can tell you that!).

Setting personal goals is always good, but assigning them to a specific time frame could create a pressure that you’d rather not have. Also, by setting time bound goals you’ll restrict yourself and your goals to flourish properly and successfully. Another reason to let go of the time bound aspect is that we’re quite dependent on other factors(people, things, situations etc.) as well. You can never accomplish anything by yourself. Because if it was just up to me, I would’ve achieved all my dreams by yesterday!

So I’ve decided that in order to fulfill my dreams, I have to release the “time bound” pressure from my life. Besides that, I’ll continue on practicing my patience, live more spontaneously(and in the NOW), and just let life flow! No matter what happens, I’m only going to focus on the things that bring me joy and positive energy. Because I honestly believe that when we focus on the things we love, and manage to take everything with a grain of salt, not only will we make life a bit easier for ourselves, but the Universe will also assist us in manifesting our dreams. Hence, Goodbye time bound goals, and Hello TIMELESS GOALS!!

With that said, I wish you all a Merry Everything and a Happy Always!

So tell me, what are your thoughts on personal goal setting? Do you set time bound or timeless goals? And what works for you? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. xo, Jey.


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