Something Old, Something New and Something Sparkly For Christmas

i love h&M christmas sequin sweater

Christmas; Isn’t it the most wonderful time of the year to dress up in glittery clothing? Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, big or small, you can never go wrong with a touch of sequin for this festive season! With that said, this year I will celebrate Christmas in the Netherlands with my family and in this post I’ll share with you one of the outfits that I’ll be wearing.

christmas sequin skirt and jumper




When it comes to party wear like Christmas, I personally believe that you don’t have to buy a new outfit every single year, especially if you’re on a budget, like I am. So how did I put my Christmas 2016 outfit together? By shopping in my closet for something old and warm to style it with something new and sparkly that I bought online . In this case, my “something old and warm” is the I Love sequin sweater from H&M’s FW15/16 collection (it’s still winter you know, and I’m always freezing!), and my “something new and sparkly” is the sequin pencil skirt, also from H&M, but from the FW16/17 collection.  Of course I already have glittery clothing in my closet, but I just wanted something new.  

FYI: My complete Christmas outfit is from H&M including the clutch and the black suede pumps, which I bought many moons ago! And as for my hair, I got it straightened with this right here and styled it in an updo with side bangs.

sequin skirt and sequin jumper


Outfit details

I Love Sweater H&M (fw15/16) / Black Sequin Skirt H&M (fw16/17) / Clutch H&M (Many moons ago) / Black Suede Pumps H&M (Many moons ago)

So tell me, what will you wear this Christmas? xo, Jey.

sequin skirt and sequin jumper

11 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New and Something Sparkly For Christmas

  1. Wait! I just looked to the side of your screen and saw your Twitter feed and that you retweeted Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters) ..I’m smiling so hard 😀 because I watch him on YouTube like 3-5 times a week literally!! Great minds think alike they say! HA

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