TRAVEL DIARY/ BLOG HIATUS | Back To My Birth Place Of Suriname

Hi Lovelies,

This is just a quick update to inform you guys that my blog will be on a hiatus for the entire month of November. Reason why is because I’m currently travelling around Suriname, my birth place, which I had not been to in 25 years…until now! I left the country when I was 7 so I’m rediscovering my place of birth all over again.(And now you know my age..hihihi). Since this trip came about spontaneously, I felt I had to update you guys about my blog.



I bet most of you haven’t heard of Suriname before (or probably can’t even point it out on a map) since this former Dutch colony, situated in South America, doesn’t do much of an effort to promote itself to the world. So unless you’re from the Netherlands, the neighbouring countries in South America or the Caribbean, Suriname should be a familiar place. Otherwise, you can always look it up on Wikipedia or Lonely Planet.

With that said,  I’m staying here for one month, so please bare with me and my blog. I didn’t bring my laptop along, so I’m writing all of this on my smart phone. When I’m back from my trip I will give you guys a full update, but for now I will leave you with some photos. And if you’re on Instagram, you can follow my travel adventures there as well.

Have you heard of Suriname? XO, Jey.

10 thoughts on “TRAVEL DIARY/ BLOG HIATUS | Back To My Birth Place Of Suriname

    1. Hey ja zal ik doen! Het is ook een nieuw land voor mij hoor dus alle tips zijn welkom want ik blijf er nog de hele maand. Ik wil ook niet al teveel doen want mijn lichaam Is dit klimaat niet gewend. Ik zit onder de muskietenbulten en opgezwollen benen en voeten nu. X


    1. Hi Bec, that’s so nice you’ve heard of Suriname!! Once I’m back I’ll write about my experience and share some photos. Thanks for stopping by xxx🌞🍍🌴


  1. Ok. First of all, I thought I miscalculated because you look so young!! Second, happy to come across another island gal in the great, wide blogosphere!! Third, I hope you had a fantastic time discovering your homeland. Looks beautiful!

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    1. Hi Alicia, thank you for stopping by and happy to come across a fellow blogger!! Don’t worry, because I’m always mistaken for my age hahah😊. My trip was great, it was a culture shock at first, but in the end it was all worth seeing my birth place again. A new post about my home country will be up on the blog this weekend.💋☺🌺🌴


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