TRAVEL DIARY | Sweet Memories Of Autumn In Montreal


Although Autumn is one of my least favorite seasons, there’s still something fascinating about the way Mother Nature transforms green Summer leaves into beautiful warm shades of brown, orange, yellow and red.

maple leaves montreal canada

Clearly Autumn doesn’t always look like a beautiful explosion of colors in every city or country (for that matter). Here in the Netherlands for example, there’s actually nothing really beautiful about Autumn;  It just looks dead down depressing in most cities. So my memories of Autumn often brings me back to the times I lived in Montreal, Canada (in 2006 and from 2010 till 2011- for study and leisure purposes).

Obviously Canada is known as a country that’s defined by breathtaking natural sights, whether it’s the beautiful turquoise waters of Lake Louise(which is still on my bucket list!), the infamous Canadian Rockies, the Niagara Waterfalls or even simple city parks like Mount Royal Park in Montreal.

Autumn in montreal canada
View of downtown Montreal from Mount Royal Park – Autumn 2010
mount royal park montreal canada
Mount Royal Park in Autumn – Montreal, Canada
Mount Royal Park montreal canada
Autumn at Mount Royal Park – Montreal, Canada
Autumn in montreal canada
Me at Mount Royal Park with a view of downtown Montreal. – Autumn 2010
Par du mont-royal
Parc du Mont-Royal / Mount Royal Park Sign (this photo of the park’s sign was taken early winter when all leaves were fallen off )

What I love about Mount Royal Park or Parc du Mont-Royal(as French-Canadians would say) is that it’s right in the heart of the city so it’s easy to access by public transportation or by foot(if you’re in for a walk of course and you live nearby).  Also, Mount Royal Park is not only part of a mountain with a huge cemetery, but it’s also the highest spot in the city and stands at 234 meters. You can see the mountain from anywhere in the city and from the mountain you have a beautiful view of downtown Montreal. In the Summer the park is lovely for picnics, in the Winter it’s full of squirrels, during Springtime it’s perfect for long walks and in Autumn the park just looks intriguing with beautiful colored autumn leaves.

autumn in Montreal Canada
Autumn in Montreal 
Snapping while being snapped!

How do you feel about Autumn? Have you been to Montreal and visited Mount Royal Park? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. xo, Jey.

8 thoughts on “TRAVEL DIARY | Sweet Memories Of Autumn In Montreal

    1. Hi Jesper, we have the same here in the Netherlands so I can totally relate. Haha…It just doesn’t look quite nice as we would prefer, so that’s why I had to write this post about autumn in Canada; Because it reminds me of the good times and the beautiful autumn leaves. Thank you for your comment and have a lovely, hopefully sunny autumn day in Sweden 😊🍁🌳

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    1. You are right…I have to look really hard. For example I saw a pretty nice tree yesterday with beautiful yellow leaves falling down. I guess sometimes we have to look a bit harder to appreciate the beauty in our own backyard. Have a lovely week. Thank you for stopping by xo🍁💕😘🌳🍂🍃


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