Organic & Botanic Skincare – My First Impressions!

organic and botanic skincare

Fall has arrived! Not only do I see the signs of fall in the change of weather, but I can also tell by just looking at my skin. Cold weather just makes my skin very sensitive and dry. So I always have to take extra care of it during the fall and winter season. And when it comes to my skincare regimen, I’m slowly getting into using more products that have natural ingredients –just to see what effect natural skincare would have on my skin.

So when the people from Organic & Botanic approached me via Twitter to try out some of their new products, I got very excited! – Also, because I love trying out new products, especially from small beauty brands that are not yet known to the major public.

In case you haven’t heard of them: Organic & Botanic is a new luxury skincare brand from the UK that has a range of vegan friendly products(facial/eye serums and body creams) made of natural and organic active ingredients.

I’ve tested the Amazonian Berry Shea Butter Body Cream and Mandarin Orange Correcting Facial Serum for 4 weeks straight and here’s my review.

Organic and botanic vegan friendly skincareOrganic and botanic vegan friendly skincare

Amazonian Berry Shea Butter Body Cream

I love a good body cream that will help bring my dry skin back to life and you can never go wrong with Shea butter – The Amazonian Berry Shea Butter Body Cream is a thick and indulgent Shea butter cream to revitalize and invigorate the skin. The Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil aims to promote skin hydration, whilst calming irritated or sensitive skin.”

I have to say that this body cream is really thick, so I wasn’t quite sure if I would like it, but after using it day after day I started loving it. And not to mention the sweet, tropical Amazonian berry scent that comes out of this 100 ml glass jar, which is just heavenly! Although the body cream is a bit too thick, you seriously don’t need much at all: Once I apply the cream and start massaging into circular motions, it absorbs well into my skin, leaving it hydrated throughout the day! And that’s exactly what my skin needs, during the colder seasons.

organic & botanic facial serum and body cream

Mandarin Orange Correcting Facial Serum

I had never used a facial serum before, so I didn’t know exactly what to expect from the Mandarin Orange Correcting Facial Serum. I’ve done some research on serums, but somehow I always stuck with facial creams, but those days are over now! To my surprise, I’ve noticed quite a difference in my skin ever since I started using the Mandarin Orange Correcting facial serum, which “aims to promote skin hydration, elasticity and skin regeneration whilst calming inflamed, irritated or sensitive skin.”

The Mandarin Orange Correcting facial serum comes in a 30ml bottle(which is a lot since you only need 2-3 drops) and I’ve used it twice a day(morning and evening).  I have to say that my complexion looks a lot healthier now and whenever I’m breaking out(from food allergies), the serum soothes my skin without a burning feeling. Also, the Mandarin Orange Correcting facial serum feels light on my skin, it’s non-greasy(which is ideal for my mixed/oily-complexion) and absorbs deeply. As for the scent, the tropical mandarin orange is just delightful! I really have to say that the Mandarin Orange Correcting facial serum really convinced me into making the switch to using serums.

organic & botanic facial serum and body creamorganic and botanic skincare

I would definitely recommend Organic & Botanic’s Amazonian Berry Shea Butter Body Cream(€65,-), especially if you suffer from dry skin, and the Mandarin Orange Correcting Facial Serum (€67,-) for a healthy-looking, non-greasy complexion.

Have you heard of or tried out Organic & Botanic skincare products? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. xo – Jey.

12 thoughts on “Organic & Botanic Skincare – My First Impressions!

  1. Guuurl, you got approached by a brand that’s HUUUUUUGE, well done! I’m same as you, except my skin is natually dry at all times and its sensitive AF. So it means I can’t try products out, I largely stick to what my ma uses as that’s where I get my sensitive skin from. Glad the products worked out for you! Ps Oh and Ps lucky you that Twitter is of some use, obviously I know there is a way to make Twitter work, but I’m over it. And since I discovered Instagram I much prefer to invest my time there as I’ve seen quicker ROI. But its good to know that Twitter works for some mere mortals. Obv for celebrities, politicians etc, Twitter is useful…I attended a Digital Marketing course and was asking the people there how Twiter had helped them and apart from 1 girl who was in Education, no one else had any feedback, so its good to get some feedback this way. Its raining over here, hope the weather is better on your end! ( :

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    1. Thank you Biki. Too bad you have such sensitive skin as well, but I’m glad you have a remedy for that! As for twitter, yes it can be a great tool, but so does instagram. I’m just over instagram, honestly. Yes, you can see the ROI quickly, but that also means that your life should revolve around your phone and you have to be consistent with your posts as well. And honestly, after two years of posting consistently on that social media channel, I just got tired, because it got too suffocating.I did not see myself doing that for the rest of my life. I will write a post on why I deleted instagram soon. I’m glad it works for you though and most importantly that you love it! Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week ahead xo, Jey.

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