THURSDAY THOUGHTS | 3 Reasons Why I Started Blogging

reasons to start blogging

For some, blogging is a job, for others it’s just a hobby and for a few it’s a mix of both.

Obviously blogging has a different meaning for different people and each blogger has their own story of why they started blogging in the first place.

As for me, I started blogging for the following 3 reasons:

reasons to start blogging

My intuition told me so

I’ve always loved writing, but I never  took it seriously, although something inside me said I had to write – I just decided to ignore it. I actually started my first blog in the Summer of 2008, followed by two new ones in 2009 and 2011. Obviously when I started my first blog I was younger and had a different mindset.  Plus the topics that I wrote about were mostly about other people(celebs, designers etc.). It just wasn’t personal. It just wasn’t me.

Then in 2015, a few months after I quit my job to reinvent myself, that voice inside me returned and told me that I had to start writing again. And so I did. My blog has now become my personal journal.

I’m glad I’ve listened to my intuition, because for a while I forgot how much I actually love to write my thoughts and feelings down. Writing is in a way therapeutic and liberating. Not only do I love writing, but I’ve realized just like with most things in life: The more I write, the better I get. Sometimes you just have to be quiet and listen to your inner voice and follow your intuition. Because you never know where it may take you.

blogging flatlay

I needed a hobby to express myself creatively (while on a sabbatical)

So after I quit my job, I decided to get a new hobby that would not only fill my free time, but would also allow me to express myself creatively and develop new skills. That new hobby became blogging! Besides my love for writing, blogging has allowed me to develop my skills in photography, styling, SEO, HTML etc.

Starting a blog was for me the easiest and cheapest way to create a space where I can express my thoughts freely while sharing my interests and passions with the world. I believe that as long as I have a voice and live in a free world, I should be able to express it when, how and where I want it. I want my voice to be heard and my talents to be seen, and blogging is the way for me to do so.

I want to document  my life’s journey through my interests and passions

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said:“Life’s a journey and not a destination.” So while I’m still living I want to document my journey as I walk on this path called life. That’s why I consider my blog more of an online visual journal where I get to share my interests and passions with the world. I believe in some way we are here to share our life experiences with one another, learn from each other and who knows we might inspire one or two(while doing what we love). All I know is when I leave this earth I will leave with nothing, but I hope I can leave some interesting stories behind.

blogging flatlay

And these are the 3 reasons why I started this blog. So for me, blogging is not only a hobby, but my blog is also my creative outlet.

If you have a blog, what does blogging mean to you and why did you start yours? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. xo-Jey.

7 thoughts on “THURSDAY THOUGHTS | 3 Reasons Why I Started Blogging

  1. This is very relatable. I’ve enjoyed the read. I started my blog last year because I wanted to write down my thoughts and share my story with others as well as learn more about photography. So far, I am enjoying the experience. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for reading. I guess in a way we all blog for the same reasons: Express our thoughts and share our experiences. I’m enjoying the ride as well. Thnx for stopping by and have a lovely weekend. 🌸🍁🍂🌞

      Liked by 1 person

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