NEW: Wish Wooden Makeup Brushes and Silicone BrushEgg

wooden vegan makeup brushes

I’ve got some new makeup brushes from Wish and I’d like to share them with you! When it comes to my makeup brushes, I only have a 12-piece wooden set( of which I only use half) and a bunch of other individual brushes. I’ve had my collection of brushes for many years now.. I would say anywhere between 2 and 7 years. So it was time to add some new brushes to my collection. With that said, I bought my new wooden 11-piece makeup brush set from Wish (btw, I absolutely love bargain hunting on that Wish app) for just €5(excl €1 shipping).

The brush set comes with a small jute pouch and includes the following brushes:

1 x Eco Kabuki Brush (app 5.5cm)
1 x Flat Top Brush (app 10cm)
1 x Long Handle Kabuki Brush (app 10.5cm)
1 x Blush Brush (app 17cm)
1 x Foundation Blush Brush (app 17.5cm)
1 x Blending Brush (app17cm)
1 x Angled Brow & Liner Brush (app 15cm)
1 x Eye Kabuki Brush (app 13.7cm)
1 x Eyeshadow Brush (app 16.5cm)
1 x Eye Blending Brush (app 17cm)
1 x Concealer Brush (app 15cm)

wooden vegan makeup brusheswood makeup brush set

I have to say that when it comes to the type of brushes that I use on a daily, I am definitely NO MUA whatsoever. I sometimes even wonder the purpose of all the types of brushes out there, seriously! Because I only use 7 types of brushes the most, which are: The liquid foundation brush(flat and angled top), powder brush, eye shadow brush, angled brow brush, blush brush, eye brow brush and concealer brush.

Anyways, I love my new brushes, because they’re exactly the kind of brushes I need. What I love about these brushes the most are the wooden handles, which gives them a more natural/earthy feel. Good to know: The handles are made of recycled and natural materials. The bristles are made of synthetic, yet cruelty free fiber. They feel very soft and don’t shed, compared to my natural ones.

Besides the 11-piece set, I also got a separate liquid foundation brush, which has a slightly different wooden look, for just €1.

wood makeup brush set

The Silicone Brush Cleaner a.k.a. The BrushEgg

When it comes to cleaning my brushes, I have to say I’m kind of lazy. Simply because it takes forever before my brushes get clean. Luckily with all the new silicone cleaning tools,  brush cleaning is actually becoming a lot easier. I recently got the silicone brush cleaner a.k.a BrushEgg from Wish for just €1(dupe, but looks like the real deal) and I have to say that I absolutely love it!

brushegg makeup cleanerbrushegg makeup brush cleanerThe brush cleaner looks pretty simple and has the shape of an egg, hence brushegg. The hole fits just two fingers , which makes it easier to hold the brushegg in one hand, while cleaning and scrubbing your brushes with your other hand. The Brushegg is actually a scrub board with bobbles and ribs to deep clean your makeup brushes. I personally think this brushegg is great for all types of brushes, it’s simple, cute, hygienic and cleanses brushes fast and thoroughly.

wooden vegan makeup brushes

Have you ever ordered brushes at Wish? And what are your thoughts on the brushegg or any other silicone cleaning tools for makeup brushes? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. xo- Jey.

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