7 Ways To Wear A Headscarf

7 ways to wear a headscarf

It’s been a while since my last hair post.  Reason why is because this past summer I’ve had braids, as you might have seen from my recent style and travel posts. Braids don’t require much maintenance, but it’s just a matter of styling. So in today’s post I’ll share with you different ways to twist, tie and style a headscarf. And NO, you don’t have to wear braids, all you need is your hair (any kind will do – faux, short, long, medium, curly, straight, natural- you get the point) and a simple square (silky) scarf.

how to wear a headscarf

When it comes to (head)scarves, people often see it as a cultural and spiritual “thing”. I see it as a personal choice and a fashion/hair accessory. Not only do I wear scarves to protect my hair while I’m asleep, but I also wear scarves for fashion/styling purposes(around my neck, my bag and my hair). When it comes to hair styling, headscarves can come in handy, especially when you’re going through a “bad hair day”. Just add a scarf and your good to go! So with that said, here are 7 ways to wear a headscarf.

Headscarf Style One : Low Bun Wrap (Full Cover)

how to wear a headscarf

Headscarf Style Two : High Bun Wrap & Front Twist

head scarf with braids updo

Headscarf Style Three : High Ponytail & Side Top Knot

how to wear a head scarf

Headscarf Style Four : Classic Front Twist

ways to wear headscarf style

Headscarf Style Five : Retro Bow

bow tie headscarf

Headscarf Style Six : Bohemian Chic

how to tie a headscarf

Headscarf Style Seven : Double Twist & Wrap

ways to wear a headscarf

Obviously, there are endless possibilities to style your hair with a scarf. Hopefully you’ve got some inspiration on how I styled mine. Btw, the silky scarf I used is from H&M, which I bought many years ago. Nonetheless, you can use any type of scarf to create endless fashionable hairstyles.

different ways to wear a headscarfways to wear a headscarf

What are your favorite ways to wear a headscarf? Let me know in the comment section below. xo – Jey.

This post is part of my Healthy Hair Series.

11 thoughts on “7 Ways To Wear A Headscarf

    1. Hahah oh My you are right. Taking these shots were quite a pain! At one point I was like : Why am I putting myself through this? Then I realized…All for the love of blogging!! After I was finished it felt like I had worked an entire daaay even though it took me quite a few hours. Anyways, I am happy you like the results. Thanks a lot and have a lovely week yourself. 🌼🎀


    1. Thank you so much! You should definitely try at least one of these styles. It’s not difficult at all. The photos just took forever, that’s all.. haha Thank you for stopping by xoxo


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