THURSDAY THOUGHTS | Introducing The New Blog Category

After 10 months of blogging I’ve decided to add a more in-depth section to the blog, just to balance off all those style, travel & beauty posts. This section will be in the form of a new blog series called THURSDAY THOUGHTS.

THURSDAY THOUGHTS reflects my personal thoughts on various life/career/wellness topics, as I’ve entered a new phase in my life, which started in the Summer of 2015 when I decided to quit my longtime job/career in aviation to completely reinvent myself creatively, personally and professionally. I will explain this a bit more in the next THURSDAY THOUGHTS post.

Not only will I write about my personal thoughts on different life and career topics, but I will also share  experiences and tips on wellness living/mental wellbeing and obviously my blogging journey.

With that said, through this new blog series I hope to not only get a better connection with my readers, but also hope that my readers will get a better understanding of the person behind this blog.

THURSDAY THOUGHTS -NOTEBOOK-001The funny thing about my new blog series is that I’ve already written a few in-depth articles in the past, but I never thought that these would end up in a new blog category. Obviously, as I progress my blogging journey I become more aware of myself and the direction of my blog.

As of now all in-depth/personal articles on the blog will be marked and tagged with “THURSDAY THOUGHTS” followed by the title of the post.

I hope you’ll join me in my new creative life path and blogging journey.

xo – Jey.

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