Beauty Haul From Paris

When I travel to Paris I hardly ever shop for clothes(weird huh?), but instead, I shop for beauty products. Reason why is because the beauty brands(especially makeup) I’m crazy about are often not available here in the Netherlands. Those who read my blog on the regular know my frustration about this already(LOL!). With that being said, on my recent trip to Paris I brought back home some lovely new goodies that I’d like to share with you.


Make Up For Ever

So last year Make Up For Ever, which is btw a Parisan makeup brand, completely rebranded and reformulated their bestselling HD liquid foundation. Not only did they change the name from HD to Ultra HD, but they’ve changed the formula and color codes as well.


Up until now I was using the old formula in #178,  which I find has more of a red undertone and I’m actually a mix between red and yellow. So during my stay in Paris I visited a Make Up For Ever boutique to try out the new formula of the Ultra HD liquid foundation, because my mission was not to leave Paris without bringing back some new MUFE foundation. Not only did I find the perfect shade in the new #Y535(which is actually the old #178, yet a better formula – mix between yellow and red), but the MUA at the boutique was so kind she gave me a mini natural makeover!

IMG_20160805_111649What I love about the new Ultra HD liquid foundation is the fact that it gives me an even better natural look than the old formula. The undertone is so subtle that it doesn’t even look I have makeup on, plus it feels very light on my skin as well.

I also bought a new MUFE lip pencil in #24 to match my everyday natural look. Not only do I love the color of this lip pencil, but also the length in comparison to other pencils, because this will definitely last longer. Along with my purchase I got a free mascara sample called “Excessive Lash” that I have yet to try out, but it’s always nice to get samples.


La Maison du Savon de Marseille

If there’s one French cosmetics brand that I’ve always wanted to try out it’s La Maison du Savon de Marseille. I’ve heard so many good reviews about this authentic maker of organic French soap bars, that I had to get myself some souvenirs to bring back home!

20160814_135351-001Savon de Marseille or Marseille soap is the most popular and oldest soap brand in France. It has been around for centuries and obviously got its name from the city of Marseille, the center of soap production from back in the days(and where the soap is still being produced). The original Marseille soap is actually one big block of hard soap and can be used for seriously anything: From cleaning underwear and linens to skin, face and hair! The authentic Savon de Marseille is unscented, and made from vegetable oils(olive oil, palm oil and coconut oil) with added green French clay.


As soon as I stepped into the shop, located in the Marais district of Paris, I couldn’t choose between all of their delicious smelling soap bars. There were just too many to choose from!! Apart from the original, unscented Savon de Marseille, there were plenty of delicious scented ones as well. I brought home the following soap bars:

Original Savon de Marseille olive oil, Lait d’anesse(donkey milk), Huile d’argan(argan oil), Noix du Bresil(Brazilian nut), Vigne rouge(red grape vine), Bubble gum….and I even got a lavender scented sample as well.


Can’t wait to try them out, but you know what? The scented ones smell so good I don’t even want to use them, because they make my room smell delicious as well. I know it’s just soap bars, but they look cute as well. LOL!!


Obviously I couldn’t leave France without one of my favorite skincare brands, Neutrogena. I bought 3 daily facial scrubs from their Visibly Clear line: Blackhead Eliminating(fights blackheads and prevents them from returning), Shine & Pore(helps control the shine and unclogs pores) and Pink Grapefruit(fights blackheads, breakouts and blemishes with grapefruit extract).


And these were all the beauty products I brought back from my trip to Paris.Have you tried any of these brands/products before? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. xo – Jey.


4 thoughts on “Beauty Haul From Paris

    1. Yes these beauty products are everything! Happy to get them. And thanks to Tina, the MUA at MUFE Paris for making my #eyebrowsonfleek !! Haha😅💕💃thank you so much dear xx


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