Treacle Moon Summer 2016 Bath & Shower Gels

I have to admit something: I’m such a sucker for sweet and fruit scented skincare products. I seriously am! And if it wasn’t for my Fashionchick goodiebag that I received last month at Amsterdam FashionWeek, I don’t think I would’ve tried Treacle Moon yummy bath and shower gels anytime soon. So hooray to the good ol’ goodiebags! My first experience with Treacle Moon “Her Lavender Story” bath & shower gel was such a sweet treat for my skin, that I had to try out their other yummy scents as well. With that being said, here’s my review on Treacle Moon’s Summer 2016 bath and shower gels that go by the names of ‘Sweet Blackberry Memories’ and ‘Those Lemonade Days’.


Product description/What they say:

Sweet Blackberry Memories Bath & Shower Gel “A scent of childhood adventures, clown-faced woodpeckers…thorn-pricked legs and sticky hands…jam jars full to the brim with this glorious berry.” 

20160801_155231-002Those Lemonade Days Bath & Shower Gel “That warm sunny feeling…you know the one…when for no proper reason your tummy just goes all weird and you grin like a silly hen.”


Packaging: You definitely can’t get around these colorful 500ml, recycled plastic bottles(yes they only come in a large size – which in my opinion is the best since I use a lot!) covered with child-like, yet funny and inspiring stories to describe the sweet scent and feeling you get from showering with these gels. I actually love the stories, because for example, in some way my tummy does go all weird for no proper reason when I think of Summer whilst showering with “Those Lemonade Days”.  And I also like the playful , typewriting font which you don’t come across often on skincare packaging. Bottles like these do look good in my bathroom though.


Scent and substance:

Sweet Blackberry Memories: The funny thing is, this scent doesn’t remind me of sweet blackberries alone, but also “speculaas”(Dutch spiced cookies), which is just as delicious and sweet!

Those Lemonade Days: If you love lemonade(I don’t mean Beyoncé’s latest album), then you’ll love this scent; It smells like homemade lemonade with fresh lemon juice and added sugar for the sweetness.

The substance for both scents: The substance colors are obviously lemon yellow and blackberry purple(more a lighter version) and it’s creamy. Plus it comes out of the bottle easily, the foaming is good and you don’t need a lot either.

20160802_133738-001Price: Treacle Moon bath and shower gels cost EUR4.95 for a 500ml bottle, which is good when you compare it to other brands in the same category.

Final thoughts/What I say: Just like I mentioned in my goodiebag post, I really think I have found one of my favorite gels to shower with. I love the Summer 2016 additions of Those Lemonade Days and Sweet Blackberry Memories: They’re both sweet treats for the skin, but I personally prefer Sweet Blackberry Memories, simply because of the sweetness intensity, which is in my opinion a little bit better(I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I love sweet and yummy skincare!). Not only for the sweetness of these yummy goodies I would give it a total 4 out of 5, but Treacle Moon has a good price/quality ratio compared to similar brands though. And not to mention the fact that these gels make my skin feel soft and smell delicious as well.  Good to know: Treacle Moon products are 100% Paraben-free, Cruelty-free and all bottles are made of recycled plastic.


Have you tried out Treacle Moon Bath & Shower Gels already? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. xo – Jey.


DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post with Treacle Moon. I received these products in exchange of my honest opinion. Please note that I only write about brands/products that fit my interests and lifestyle.

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