The Maple Syrup Diet

Detoxing has been a thing for ages, but more of a hype lately. Nevertheless, it’s always good to cleanse the body from toxins and let the digestive system rest for some time ( and you might even lose a few kilos while you’re at it). This past week we’ve experienced a heat wave in Europe and me and my smart mind thought it was okay to get on a 10-day detox program called the Maple Syrup Diet a.k.a. Lemon Detox Diet a.k.a. The Beyoncé Diet(because she used this diet to lose weight for her role in Dreamgirls).

20160720_151936In case you’re not familiar with the Maple Syrup Diet, let me explain it in short: It’s a 10-day master cleanse program where you consume nothing but a 2 litre mixture of water, organic maple syrup(grade-C level), fresh lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Beside this mixture you’ll also have to drink 1 litre of plain water and herbal teas, making it 3 litres of water a day. NO FOOD ALLOWED whatsoever!

And you probably guessed it already: Yes, I’ve failed(partially though)! On day 3 I couldn’t bare it any longer. I became mentally weak and oh the headaches! All I could think of and craving for was food, and the smell of BBQs everywhere made it even harder for me. So on day 3 I decided to slip in a few crackers with salmon and cheese, and oh my gosh: These crackers have never tasted any better!!!

The plan was to do the Maple Syrup diet for 7 days, but since I ate some crackers on day 3 I’ve decided to adjust this diet a little bit. I will continue with the maple syrup and lemon mixture, but for the continuing days I will combine it with some light snacks, fruits and salads.

I do have to mention though that this master cleanse program wasn’t new to me. I’ve done it in the past, but this heat made it harder for me. Plus I didn’t prepare myself properly. However, the reason why I’ve decided to go on this diet again is because lately I’ve been mistreating my body by eating a bunch of unnecessary foods. And I also wanted to lose 3-4 kilos fast instead of keeping it with just workouts.(I’ve lost 1 kilo in 3 days by the way, even though I ate some crackers LOL). Anyways, by the time this post is published I will be on day 5 of my adjusted Maple Syrup Diet. And once this week is over I think I will do a much proper cleansing program in the future. I personally think fasting/cleansing/juicing once a week will fit my body, mind and lifestyle much better than the drastic Maple Syrup diet. Lesson learned!


Have you tried the Maple Syrup Diet or any other Master Cleansing before? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. xo – Jey.

4 thoughts on “The Maple Syrup Diet

  1. Guuurl, life is too short for maple and lemon etc diets…I could NEVER do this diet. I have 1.5 jobs, 1 is full time, .5 is part time and the struggle is real, I need energy and food going to my brain. What I need to do is cut out the chocolate and do more cardio but my knee is a bit messed up at the moment. Haha! about the crackers never tasting so good, I bet! ( :

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    1. Hahahaha!! You are soo right. I will never do this diet again….I didn’t know what I was thinking. LESSON LEARNED the hard way! From now on I’ll just keep it to a juice day, once or twice a week…or even every other week. Goshh with 1.5 jobs you def need that extra energy!! Hopefully you can manage to find a way to get that cardio going in between those 1.5 jobs. And I definitely don’t recommend this damn diet in between LOL:)


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