Colorful Summer Veggie Rolls

Warmer days call for lighter meals! At least for me. Somehow my appetite changes with the season. Not only do I eat less (and drink more) during warmer seasons, but my meals are lighter as well. And now that Summer has arrived, I thought I’d share with you my easy recipe for healthy and fresh veggie rolls, which you can eat as a snack or (light)meal.20160625_175040-001

FYI: These veggie rolls are just like fresh Vietnamese spring rolls, but without meat, shrimps, rice vermicelli or bean sprouts.



  • Rice paper
  • Sweet pointed peppers (your choice of color – sliced in long even pieces)
  • Bell peppers (your choice of color – sliced in long even pieces)
  • Cucumber (sliced in long even pieces)
  • Iceberg lettuce (torn into pieces)
  • Spring onions (chopped)

20160625_132528(When it comes to the measurement it’s up to you actually.  Just don’t stuff your rolls too much or else they will fall apart!)


 1. Wash and slice/chop all veggies (like described above).

2. Boil some water and soften the rice paper according to package direction (also check out my two different methods for softening the rice paper in warm water). Make sure to just dip the rice paper quickly (don’t soak!!), otherwise it will become sticky and will be torn apart.

3 . Place the veggies on the rice paper and start rolling! Tip: It’s best to place the veggies in a specific order. For example, start with the lettuce ,followed by cucumbers, bell peppers and spring onions. If you prefer to see more colourful veggies on the outside of your roll, add 2/3 slices of peppers just before you close the roll (To give you an idea, here’s how I roll my Vietnamese spring rolls)


4. Once you’ve finished your rolls, wrap them in plastic foil (to keep the rice paper moist and prevent the rolls from sticking together and falling apart) and store them in the fridge for a few hours or few days (if you’re not going to eat them the same day). I let my rolls in the fridge for 3 hours.


5. Remove the veggie rolls from the fridge, remove the plastic, cut in halves and serve with chili sauce.

Bone Appétit!


FYI: You can choose different vegetables for your Summer rolls, for example you can add carrots, red onions, cabbage. Just remember: The crunchier, the better!

How do you make your Summer veggie rolls? Let me know in the comment section below.

As always, xo – Jey.

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