Ripped Boyfriend Jeans and Adidas Superstar

ripped jeans and adidas sneakers

Hi Lovelies,

In today’s personal style post I’d like to share with you a look I wore on my weekend getaway to the lovely and charming city of Lille, France.

ripped jeans and adidas sneakersWhen I travel I like to wear comfy clothes and shoes. So on the first day of my trip I wore my ripped boyfriend jeans from ONLY, paired with a v-neck quarter sleeve sweater from ZARA, my leather jacket from H&M and my new white Adidas Superstar Rize sneakers.

I actually bought my sneakers in the winter, but I had never worn them before until the day of my travels. Since I planned on waling all day doing some sightseeing I thought it would be perfect to break in my new kicks…..NOT! Not only did I face heavy overcast weather but it was raining as well. And these kicks are so white, I had to walk extra careful to prevent them from getting dirty(LOL at me..guess that’s what you get when wearing white kicks!). Nonetheless, I still got some dry periods in between the rain to take some street style snaps.

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The Adidas White Sneaker Trend

I love Adidas sneakers, I always have.  I’ve been wearing Adidas sneakers since ..forever! The only thing that bothers me a bit is the price for a pair of Adidas kicks. Gosh, I can’t believe how expensive these sneakers have become compared to the old days…I guess it’s because Adidas isn’t just a sports brand anymore, but a fashion brand. Whether you’re rocking Stan Smith or Superstar; It’s all about making a fashion statement nowadays! I can’t really blame them, because you can never go wrong with a pair of Adidas kicks. And what I love most about my Adidas Superstar Rize is the chunky platform sole, which gives it a more fashionable look and even fun to pair with a dress.

Anyways, here are some more pics of my look.


Outfit details

Jeans ONLY(old) / Sneakers ADIDAS SUPERSTAR RIZE(new) / V-Neck Sweater ZARA(old) /Scoop top VILA(old) / Leather Jacket H&M PREMIUM (old)/ Bag NINE WEST(old) / Poncho  EVEN & ODD(new)

Thanks for stopping by. As always, XO- Jey.

6 thoughts on “Ripped Boyfriend Jeans and Adidas Superstar

  1. I bought my Adidas superstars a couple of months ago and they’re not this white anymore! I great tip I found was to buy the children’s sizes which are cheaper – I am a UK shoe size 6 normally but Adidas sizing is very roomy! I love this look.
    H x

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    1. Thank you so much. Yes I’ve noticed that too regarding the kids size.they are so much cheaper. So next time I will definitely do that. Unfortunately not all models come in kids size though. The one I have “rize” only comes in women size, so I had to pay the full price. So my next adidas will be in kids size!! Haha thanks for stopping by xxx

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