American-Style Fluffy Pancakes with Mixed Berries

SAM_7646-001 - kopie

I love all types of pancakes, but the American-style fluffy ones are my favorite by far! They’re just so tasty, light and fluffy. I love to eat them for breakfast(in the weekends) and brunch. If you’ve always wondered  why pancakes turn out so fluffy, then try out my simple recipe(for about 10 pancakes) in 3 easy steps!

SAM_7698-001 - kopie


(Organic) Flour (170 grams)

Sugar ( 1 ¼ teaspoon)

Salt ( ½ teaspoon)

Baking Powder (1 sachet)

Egg (1)

Milk (250ml)

Butter (1 tablespoon melted)

Oil (to cook the pancakes )

Frozen (or fresh) mixed berries

Syrup, honey (or any of your favorite pancake syrup)

SAM_7660-001 - kopie

Step 1

Sift all the dry ingredients together in a bowl (flour, baking powder, sugar, salt). Then create a little hole in the middle of the dried mixture and add the wet ingredients( milk, egg and melted butter). Mix everything together until you get a nice, rich and smooth batter.

Step 2

Heat up the pan, add oil. When the oil is heated  up, add some batter and cook until it becomes bubbly, then flip. Just make sure not to flip your pancakes before you start seeing bubbles, the bottom is all golden and the edges are dried up. Cook your pancakes until golden brown.

Step 3

Serve your fluffy pancakes with mixed berries and your favorite syrup on top.

SAM_7649 - kopieSAM_7707-001 - kopieSAM_7700-001 - kopieSAM_7651-001 - kopieSAM_7714Bon Appétit!

By the way, the measures I used are just average, but you can decide what’s best for your own fluffy pancakes. If you want the pancakes to become extra fluffy then use more baking powder(which is the secret to fluffy pancakes, including sifting)

xo – Jey.

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