TRAVEL DIARY | Explore The Beautiful Tulip Fields Of Holland

When it comes to traveling we often hop on a plane to explore other countries instead of exploring our own backyard. So today I decided to do things differently. For one day(well actually it was one morning)I played a tourist right here in my own country, the Netherlands.



I wanted to do something I had never done before, but always wanted to do. The plan was to visit *Keukenhof* a.k.a. “The Garden of Europe and one of the biggest Spring gardens of the world”. Keukenhof is situated in Lisse, in the province of North Holland(20-minute drive from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport) and is only open 6-7 weeks during Spring time, usually from end of March till mid-May. As I arrived at the garden I soon realized that my visit today was not a good idea. Due to the beautiful sunny Spring weather(note: 27 degrees Celsius!), the garden was just packed with tourists from all over the world. So as soon as I saw the crowd I immediately changed my plans: Instead of visiting Keukenhof, I visited the private fields of the Tulip farmers right next to the Keukenhof, which in my eyes were beautiful as well.20160508_10362320160508_10281020160508_234751

I thoroughly enjoyed myself in between the beautiful fields of colourful tulips! Not only did I enjoy myself in between the beautiful tulip fields, but I also got to take better photos without people blocking my view and messing up my photos(hihihihi).

20160508_10531720160508_11183120160508_231545AirBrush_2016050823413220160508_232326So if you’ll visit the Netherlands and would like to see some colorful fields of fresh Dutch flowers, Keukenhof is an option(this will cost you around EUR16,- for adults). Another option (which is Free of Cost) is to explore flower/tulip fields on the private grounds of Dutch farmers like I did.20160508_23125720160508_23060320160508_11275620160508_11063120160508_111850The best way to do this is to ask for permission first and most farmers actually won’t mind if you’d like to take photos of their fields(some do though). If the farmers aren’t home, you could also go ahead and take your photos (like most tourists do), because no one will actually fine you, especially when they see a large group of tourists.20160508_11470820160508_114657

The photos above with the warning signs were taken at the Tulip Fields right next to the Keukenhof on private ground as well. There’s a warning sign though (Dutch + English), but everyone ignores it, so did I.

20160508_22584320160508_23243620160508_233701Below are some more photos of my morning trip to the beautiful tulip fields right here in my own “backyard”.

This year I wasn’t able to visit Keukenhof, but these fields were just fine! Hopefully I’ll be able to visit The Garden of Europe during Spring time next year, but then I’ll make sure I’ll go during the opening week! 

AirBrush_2016050823345320160508_230034AirBrush_2016050823464320160508_230210Have you ever been to the Netherlands? If so, have you ever visited Keukenhof or the private flower fields? Let me know in the comment section below. xo – Jey.

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14 thoughts on “TRAVEL DIARY | Explore The Beautiful Tulip Fields Of Holland

  1. Ahh! I’ve always wanted to visit the beautiful Dutch tulip fields! I’ve only been to the Netherlands once (October 2012) to visit my aunt in Amsterdam when she worked there. It was seriously one of the best trips I’ve ever taken and it’s definitely on my bucket list to explore more of your amazing country! Lovely post! And you are gorgeous btw! 🌷🌷🌷

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s so nice to hear. When people visit the Netherlands they usually just explore Amsterdam only, because it’s a popular tourist city. When in fact there is much more to discover outside Amsterdam. Just remember that you plan your future trip to the Netherlands in Spring time, because that’s when you will see the tulips in full bloom!! People tend to forget this.🤗🌷🌷🌷🌷 Thank you so much for your comment very much appreciated.😊 Have a lovely day xxx😚

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for reblogging. If you get the chance to visit the Netherlands, you should def visit in Spring time and visit the tulips! xo – Jey.


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