Delicious & Quick Vegetarian Meals For Dinner


Hi Lovely Readers of my blog!

This past week I was on a semi-vegetarian diet. I say “semi”, because it wasn’t a complete meatless or fishless week. I consider myself more of a “flexitarian” a.k.a a “vegetarian with some cheating”: Some days I’m a pescatarian, some days I love my chicken and other days it’s just veggies. Lately I’ve been trying to cut back on the meat though and I’m actually doing pretty well.IMG_20160424_172219Anyways, in this blog post I’d like to share with you my three favorite vegetarian meals I made for dinner this past week. If you followed me on instagram, you’ve probably seen some of my meals already.

Indonesian Sajoer Vegetables With Fried Pasta Noodles

Sajoer vegetables or Sayur Lodeh is an Indonesian/Javanese style dish of fresh vegetables cooked in mainly coconut milk, lemon grass and other delicious spices.20160416_172752 For this dish I chose the easy way and bought the ready-made “bumbu” (Indonesian word for seasoning or spices mixture)from the supermarket. For my fresh vegetables I used broccoli, onions, carrots, bean sprouts, bok choi and leek. I made fried pasta noodles to go along with my sajoer veggies.

 Surinamese Style Potato Roti with Yellow Curry

Roti is dish that has its origin in India and has been adapted by many other cultures. Even in Suriname(the country I was born in) where roti is a popular dish, people have their own way of making this delicious meal.20160419_200858Traditionally(in the Surinames kitchen I mean), the roti (tortilla) comes with curry chicken, potatoes, and eggs with green cowpeas as vegetables. This time I dropped the chicken and replaced the cowpeas with oxheart cabbage. As for the roti, it was ready-made.

Asian Style Fried Pasta Noodles with Leftover Veggies

What I love about leftover veggies is that you can turn it to something fast and delicious in a second! Well, not a second, but you know what I mean.20160421_192547The only veggies I had left were French green beans, bok choi and onions. I mixed the veggies with some garlic other spices together with the noodles and dinner was ready! And I added some dried fish peppers on top for some spicy flavor.

And these were my favorite easy made vegetarian meals I had for dinner this past week.

Thanks again for reading and wishing you a happy Sunday!. xo – Jey.


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