Faux Fur in April

20160424_201211Hi Lovelies,

I just can’t believe it’s April already and still freezing! Or maybe I can. Here in the Netherlands we have this Dutch proverb that goes like “April doet what hij wil” and in English this means “April does what he wants to”. So basically this proverb is about the unpredictable and unstable weather in Spring, especially in April. One day it could be sunny and the next day it could snow! Anyways, with the weather constantly changing all the time, I find it often difficult to decide what to wear!! Oh the frustration!

20160424_20241020160423_183447Now let’s talk about my outfit; As you can see I’m wearing a fur jacket, which is actually faux fur. I ordered it last week from the H&M website and it was on sale for just EUR17,- !! Yes, that’s right, it was marked down from EUR60 to EUR17,-, because it was from the A/W15-16 collection. Still, I couldn’t believe it myself. I’m so happy with this faux fur jacket though, because I wanted one for quite some time, but I couldn’t find a nice looking and affordable one. And now that it is still cold outside this jacket will keep me warm and stylish at the same time.20160424_20093120160423_183808BeautyPlus_20160424003847_saveI love the multicolor and the fact that it’s not too boxy looking, like you would normally have with fur jackets. Here’s more of my winterish look in this cold Spring weather.

20160424_19414520160424_193516BeautyPlus_20160424194756_saveBeautyPlus_20160424001338_saveBeautyPlus_20160424202239_saveBeautyPlus_20160424200424_save2016-04-24-19-26-27-306Outfit details

Faux Fur Jacket H&M / Flared Jeans TRUE RELIGION / Long Sleeve Turtle Neck MANGO / Leather platform booties (labeless, bought it a few years ago at a local shoe shop) / Bag H&M

I hope the weather is better in your part of the world.

Thanks again for reading!. xo – Jey.

10 thoughts on “Faux Fur in April

    1. Omg thank you so much Alli. Very much appreciated. Now I have to think of my answers..but it’s always nice for a new blog post! Will do that soon! Thanks and have a lovely weekend 💋

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