Athleisure Street Style


2016-04-14 15.15.16-004You’ve probably seen the sportswear trend all around the blogosphere and social media and it’s not going anywhere, ever! Well, rocking your athletic gear or gym-inspired outfit in non-gym settings is actually not a trend at all, but people gave it a new term to make it seem more chic or appealing I guess. Anyways, Athleisure is the new word in fashion and this is my spin to “the trend”, which I’ve been wearing since…forever!

2016-04-14 15.15.332016-04-14 15.32.09I personally think that the Athleisure style isn’t about going to the gym(I never go to a gym anyways), but it’s about feeling comfortable in your skin and clothes; Mixing comfy with a touch of feminine chic. In my case I’m wearing comfy leggings,  a long sleeve loose shirt with a v-neck and comfy sneakers. My favorite faux leather jacket just gives it a more edgy look.

2016-04-14 15.31.592016-04-14 15.31.42-1-1SOME MORE PHOTOS BELOW2016-04-14 15.31.40-22016-04-14 15.15.35-22016-04-14 17.13.342016-04-14 17.11.48-22016-04-14 17.09.39-42016-04-14 15.15.27-1

Outfit details

Leggings (labeless) / Shirt BERSHKA / Sneakers HOUSE OF DEREON / Faux Leather Jacket H&M

What’s your take on the sportswear trend?



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