Go-To Foundations For Oily And Darker Skin

20160419_162215Hi Lovelies,

I’ve finally found my go-to foundations that work well for my oily skin and complexion and I’m sticking with these! For many years I had been going back and forth experimenting with different brands, high-end and drugstore, abroad and local. Mind you, I live in the Netherlands and the choices in foundations for darker skin tones are limited and I blame the brands, retailers and distributors all together! Yes! So you can understand my frustration at times. Anyways, sometimes you got to work with what’s available and I’d like to share my favorite go-to foundations with you.


Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Foundation

I’ve been using Make Up For Ever HD foundation for the past 4/5 years now and I think it’s hands down one of the best high end foundations out there for oily skin and darker skin tones.20160419_162728The foundation itself is medium to full coverage (depending how much you need and want to build up) and it feels like second skin. It keeps my skin matte quite longer than other foundations. Make Up For Ever(MUFE) recently re-branded their HD range foundations and it’s now called “Ultra HD”, which (according to reviews) seem to be much better than the first range(that I’m currently using). Unfortunately MUFE is not available anymore in the Netherlands, so I have to get it abroad. Next month I’m traveling to France and obviously I’ve got to pay a visit to Sephora and bring me back some new MUFE foundation.

As for the price, it’s in the high end category, about EUR40,-, but it definitely lasts for a year.

Black |Up Full Coverage Cream Foundation

Black |UP is just like MUFE a high end makeup brand from France catering to darker skin tones and has been on the market for many years, but somehow I never gave it a chance, until recently.20160419_162625Last month I paid a visit to a local makeup/perfume boutique where I got a mini-makeover from a lovely representative of Black |Up in the Netherlands. She used the Full Coverage Cream Foundation on my face and I was so happy with the result that I purchased it immediately. I’ve used it a few times now. To be honest, if I have to compare Black | Up with any another brand, it has to be Make Up For Ever. The foundation feels light on my skin, it has a great medium to full coverage(depending how much you need), and it leaves a nice matte finish.

Price: EUR38,-

HEMA CC Flawless Matte Foundation

HEMA is a Dutch International retail chain which in the recent years has expanded their beauty range catering to darker skin tones as well. Somehow I’ve found my perfect foundation within their beauty line and I can’t be happier.20160419_162842It doesn’t work for everyone though, but their CC Flawless Matte Foundation in number 08 matches my skin tone perfectly and it’s definitely my cheaper/drugstore alternative to MUFE and Black Up. This foundation has a medium coverage, contains SPF15, it doesn’t only feels light on my skin, but it makes my skin look fresh and matte!

Price : EUR10,-

Black Opal Foundations

Black Opal is a makeup brand I’ve been using for over 10 years on and off, but recently I’ve started to like it more and more. I believe they’ve changed their formula when it comes to oily skins and they cater to all complexions now. I actually use 4 of their oil-free foundations:

  • True Color Stick Foundation SPF15
  • True Color Cream To Powder Foundation SPF15
  • Total Coverage Concealing Foundation
  • True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation

20160419_162458What I love about the first three foundations is that they are perfect whenever I feel like having a full coverage. The stick foundation is my favorite as I use it as a camouflage for my darker spots. When I compare Black Opal to my other foundations, I do have to be honest that the first three aren’t lightweight, so I try not to use a lot.  The Liquid Foundation though is perfect for light coverage and does feel light on my skin compared to the compact ones. I get the best matte finish with the Cream to Powder and Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation. Anyways, I still love all 4.

Cost: Between EUR12,- and EUR13,-

And that’s a wrap! My go-to foundations that work well for my oily skin and complexion.


What are your go-to foundations? Let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading. xo – Jey.

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