Sundays and Chill

Hi Lovelies,

Here’s a quick personal style post!

Since today is Sunday, I’d like to share with you an outfit I actually wore last week, on Sunday as well. It’s a pretty simple look that I put together; After all, it was a “Sunday & Chill” kind-of-day.

2016-04-10 17.57.052016-04-10 17.57.10My favorite item of this look is my salmon Forever21 bouclé coat. It’s simple, but it complements every style; Whether I’m going for a casual, classic or formal look.

2016-04-10 17.55.34-12016-04-10 17.55.30

Here are some more photos.

2016-04-10 16.32.15-12016-04-10 16.32.072016-04-10 16.29.02-12016-04-10 17.57.072016-04-10 17.56.552016-04-10 17.56.372016-04-10 17.54.18


Outfit details

Coat FOREVER 21 / Jeans H&M / Plain Sweater ZARA / Shoes COACH

I wish you all a lovely Sunday!!

xo – Jey

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