Clip-In Curly Hair Extensions

2016-04-14 15.02.14Hi Lovelies,
If you’ve been following me on social media, then you’ve noticed some change in my hairstyle. Yes, I’ve changed it again! Since I don’t take my hair so seriously, I like to play and experiment with different looks from time to time. To me, hair is just an accessory that complements my overall look, it’s not who I am, but you can read all about that in part 4 of my series.
With that being said, I’ve added some length to my hair! And guess what? I did it all by myself! Yes! So I bought the hair online at AliExpress, and the clips, needles and thread from my local beauty supply store.I’m so happy with this look, because the extension hair looks just like my own texture when I do my twist outs. (In case you don’t know what my real hair looks like, check out my previous hair post by clicking here.)
2016-04-14 17.37.25 - kopie
20160417_224046Let’s just talk about the hair. This hair is just amazing!! It’s called “Mongolian Afro Kinky Curl Virgin Hair” and it comes in full bundles of 3. I ordered it in two different lengths; 2 x 14” and 1 x 16” for EUR78 total. The shipping costs are FREE with FedEx and I got it within 3 business days! I ordered mine on a Sunday evening and the package arrived on Wednesday morning. Mind you, the hair came all the way from China and I live in The Netherlands!! I’ve ordered hair before from China, but this hair is just everything!!
2016-04-14 15.15.57-12016-04-14 15.04.43Reason why I order my hair in China is because it’s way cheaper than buying it from local shops or at the hair salon. What I’ve noticed is that the same local retailers and hair salons here in the Netherlands or wherever in the world place their order at AliExpress or Alibaba , and then add at least EUR30/40 to it for their gain. So If you ever decide to put in extensions, just order it at AliExpress, because it will save you money! They also have the clip-in hair extensions, but I decided to make it myself; 1. I get more hair when I make the clip-ins myself, 2. I can do the measurement myself.
Clip-ins are not only easy to make (with some help from a YouTube tutorial; Just type in Google “How to sew clips on hair extensions”), but they’re so easy to install and to remove. Seriously, you don’t need to be a pro to clip in some extensions onto your hair. Even a child could do it! Clip-ins are really a great way for anyone that wants to add volume or length to their hair.
2016-04-14 17.28.00 - kopieAnyways, I’m so happy with this new hair and I’ve received many great compliments(of people thinking it was my own hair LOL), that I had to share this with you lovelies!
Here are some more photos.
2016-04-14 17.36.41 - kopie2016-04-14 17.35.44 - kopie2016-04-14 15.42.062016-04-14 15.41.25Thank you again for reading! XO- Jey.

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