TRAVEL DIARY | 3 Reasons I Fell In Love With Los Angeles

IMG_3797-001Hated by most, loved by some. Los Angeles is one of those cities that you either hate or love and there’s no in between. No city or country is perfect and just like any other place in the world, however, there are some stereotypical truths about L.A., such as:  The obsession with “healthy/clean eating”(there’s seriously a vegan restaurant, a whole foods supermarket or an organic juice bar on every corner), and the “looks is all that matters”-motto(but I guess that’s Hollywood for ya- after all, L.A. is the entertainment capital of the world and we know how appearance is perceived in the industry…..).

2015-04-27 16.59.22

Besides the stereotypical and superficial image LaLa Land has, I fell in love with this city the very first time(2010) I set foot on Hollywood Boulevard(maybe it’s that part of me that secretly wants to become an actress), up to a point that on my second trip I rented a room and lived there for a few months. Now every time I visit L.A. feels like falling in love over and over again, and these are the reasons why:

Anything is possible

L.A. is full of dreamers: From wannabe models and writers to wannabe musicians and actors. I’m a dreamer myself and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having dreams. Absolutely not! Even though only a few will actually see their dreams turn into a reality, I still love the “Keep The Dream Alive” mentality that most people have in the City of Angels, where pretty much anything is possible.



There’s always something to do in L.A. even if you don’t want to do anything at all! L.A.’s Mediterranean climate makes it so much more pleasant to explore the city and do any kind of activities, especially outdoors. I’m an outdoor-type-of person, so when the Californian sun shines bright, you can catch me on the beach: Either cooling down in my bikini with some delicious ice cream or riding a bike from Santa Monica to Venice beach enjoying a beautiful ocean view.

2015-04-29 13.10.29-12015-04-29 12.50.292015-04-30_14.21.522015-04-30_12.17.03SAM_3361

I’m also a sucker for palm trees(you can read all about it here)and in L.A. they’re in full galore!! Palm trees + Mediterranean climate = HAPPINESS, right?2015-04-29 09.59.25Inspiration is right on the streets

As a creative person myself I get most of my inspiration from my travels. To me, L.A. is like a Mecca for creative souls where you’re constantly surrounded by art and creative energy. I just feel right at home!

IMG-20150427-WA0031IMG-20150427-WA0027IMG-20150427-WA0013It’s the bold & beautiful street art that adds character to the city: From the funky colors on Melrose Avenue to the vibrant murals of Venice Beach.2015-04-29 13.24.032015-04-29 13.18.202015-04-030If ever you need a background for a photo/video shoot, just walk around in L.A. and I guarantee you’ll find one or two or three or four…Let’s just say the choices are endless! L.A. is just a great inspirational place for beautiful photos!2015-04-24 14.45.232015-04-27 17.16.362015-04-27 17.17.002015-05-01 13.56.032015-04-0282015-04-029

Have you been to L.A.? If so, what are your thoughts about the city? Let me know in the comment section below.

xo – Jey.

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