L.A. Colors Gel-Like Nails

20160404_190546Hello lovely readers of my blog,

Happy #ManicureMonday!

Today I’d like to share with you my alternative to gel nails or as I prefer to call them “faux gel nails”. I’ve never been a fan of fake nails or using UV light to make my manicure stay longer. I believe that if you just use a good base and top coat, any good nail polish would stay up to a week!

20160404_173837During my trip to L.A. I discovered L.A. Colors Cosmetics’ Color Craze Extreme Shine Gel-Like Polish ( I know the name is long right?!), and decided to give it a try.  And I have to say it does give the appearance of gel nails, it has a good and thick substance, but the so called “Extreme Shine” only appears when you finish it off with a top coat.

I really love this gel-like polish, because it doesn’t require any UV light and still gives you that gel-like nail look. I got the Color Craze Extreme Shine Gel-like polish in 4 fresh Spring and Summer colors.

20160404_190814Colors below from left to right: SOCIALITE, STUNNER, ROCKIN’ IT, DAMSEL20160404_190733Today I decided to give myself a manicure with “ROCKIN’ IT”.


Have you tried L.A. Colors gel-like nail colors before or any other brand with the same effect? Let me know! xo- Jey.

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