New Silky Straight Hairstyle

Hi Lovelies,

It’s already part 7 of my healthy hair growth series! If you just started reading my blog, feel free to catch up on my series HERE.

And if you’ve read my first makeup post, you’ve noticed I’ve got a new silky hairstyle!


I’ve removed my box braids about one week ago and decided to switch up my style again. I had my natural curls for about 3 days ( see photos here ), but then I wanted to try out something new. So I’ve straightened it myself! Not only did I want a straight hairstyle, but I wanted to check my length as well, and I’m happy it has grown!

2016-03-21 20.48.57-1I only went to the hair salon to trim my ends, because (unfortunately) I can’t do that myself. I trim my hair every 3 months, so it can grow out long and healthy, and obviously prevent it from breakage. Besides that, I’m extremely happy that I can finally straighten my thick natural hair myself (after I paid very well attention to the way the hair stylists styled my hair previously LOL, which saves me lots of money now!!)

The products and tools I used to get this look are:

  • Blow dryer
  • Flat Iron
  • Biosilk Hair Therapy
  • ShowTime straightening hair serum


Here are some more photos of my new silky hair style.



Thank you for reading and until the next post of my healthy hair growth series!

xo, Jey.



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