4 Daily Detox Waters For Clear Skin


20160324_100007Everyone wants a healthy looking skin, right? At least I do and I would just do anything about it! Even with all the beauty products out there I still believe that the basics for healthy looking skin starts with what I eat and drink: Because what goes into my body shows from the outside.

One of my daily habits to keep my skin look clearer and healthy is the consumption of lots of water, water and water! We all know we have to drink water every day, but not many of us drink as much as we should.  Drinking water will not only create a healthy looking natural glow, but will also help you get rid of the toxins from your body and get clear skin. For the past few years detox waters have been trending like crazy and not only as a weight loss remedy, but also as a way to get clearer skin. Ideal for people who struggle drinking plain water. With detox drinks you just make your  water more delicious by adding healthy flavors without calories and still get the detoxing benefits.

So today I’d like to share with you 4 easy made detox waters I drink on a daily that helps me create healthy glowing and clearer skin.

Lemon water

Mixing fresh slices of lemons or lemon juice with water will benefit your skin as lemons contain a sufficient amount of vitamin C. Drinking water with fresh lemons, at least every morning, will help clear up your skin naturally! The best way to make lemon water is to let the mixture infuse overnight.

2016-03-24 08.23.072016-03-24 08.25.33

Green Tea

I’m a heavy green tea drinker. I probably drink about 5 cups a day! What is it that makes green tea a healthy drink? Well, green tea contains antioxidants which help prevent and repair damage to our body’s tissue. Also it blocks the effect of free radicals.

2016-03-24 08.46.35

Cucumber, Lemon & Mint Water

Just like lemon water, but adding two extra flavors of cucumber and mint, will give your detox drink an even more fresh taste! Cucumbers are a great calorie-free flavor that will help cleanse your skin as they contain antioxidants like vitamins B, C and K that help fight wrinkles, dark spots and even damage from the sun.


Fresh Mint Tea

Adding fresh mint leaves to hot water is just a great alternative to your standard cup of tea. Not only does it taste fresh, but mint leaves are free from caffeine and contain antioxidants that helps you get a pimple-free and less oily skin.

2016-03-24 08.10.592016-03-24 08.47.59

What type of detox waters do you drink to get clear skin?

xo, Jey.




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