TRAVEL DIARY | Memories of Salalah, Oman


It was in the fall of ’09 when I got the opportunity(during my time as a flight attendant) to travel to the coastal town of Salalah in Oman(Middle East). Along the years I’ve seen so many places in the world that sometimes I even forgot where I’ve actually been to. That’s also the reason why I’ve created my blog; To not only keep track of my travels, but also write about my experiences and share them with you. So as I went through my travel archives the other day, I came across some “lost photos” of my trip to Oman.

If you’ve never heard of Salalah before, then let me give you a quick introduction:

Salalah is an old coastal town and the largest port of the sultanate of Oman(Middle East). Salalah is situated in the south of Oman and is the capital of the Dhofar region. Salalah has a lovely subtropical climate and beautiful beaches facing the Arabian sea, with many plantations of bananas and papayas. You can find lots of beautiful palm trees, drink delicious coconuts and have a chat or two with one of the most friendly (always smiling) people in the world!


Fun facts: The sultanate of Oman a.k.a. “The Land of Frankincense” is believed to be the centre of frankincense trade since ancient and medieval times. Salalah is not only a maritime region, but is mostly known for its frankincense trees and its many banana plantations.

What is frankincense? Frankincense is an aromatic resin(fragrance) which is used as incense to basically make your house smell good! Frankincense can also be found in perfumes, and it’s even used as a therapeutic ingredient. Frankincense is Oman’s most popular, sacred, highly prized and natural product.


As an avid user of incense, I had to bring some of this aromatic ingredient back home. Frankincense is burned in traditional Omani incense burners made of natural material, like stone, ceramic, wood or clay.


Below are more photos of my trip to the beautiful coastal town of Salalah, Oman.





Looking back at these photos, I think I have to pay a visit soon again :).

Have you been to Oman before? xo, Jey.

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