Casual Layers


Hello lovelies! Here’s a second outfit post of my new category LOOKS, where I showcase my personal style. This look I call “Casual Layers”, because this is an outfit I wore recently in an informal setting (casual dinner). Even though it’s still winter, we sometimes get these beautiful sunny days and clear blue skies, where I get to wear thinner layers. For this occasion I opted for ripped jeans, a pinstriped button down shirt with a cardigan. I covered up myself with a lightwear “dinner jacket” from ICONIC instead of a puffy coat. I love my ZARA suede leather knee-high boots that I bought one year ago, because they go with any look! I like to combine them with skirts, dresses and skinny jeans.




Outfit details

Coat ICONIC / Boots ZARA / Jeans ZARA / Cardigan H&M / Collared Shirt UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON / Bag LOUIS VUITTON / Necklace NEW LOOK / Earrings H&M / Scarf H&M

xo, Jey.

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