Skincare Haul For Combination/Oily Skin


I like to take good care of my skin and try out different skincare products and brands. When it comes to my facial care regimen, brands like Nivea, Garnier and Neutrogena have been without a doubt my favorite for many years. Although I have to say that Neutrogena facial care products are quite hard to find here in the Netherlands, so when I travel out of the country I always bring some back home. Nivea and Garnier on the other hand are available in full galore and they’ve never let me down! And Now I’ve even added some of Essence line of facial care to my list as well.

Obviously, when shopping for facial care products it’s important to know your type of skin. In my case, I have a combination/oily skin, plus I wear makeup on a regular basis, so I always search for products that:

  1. Help to keep the shine under control
  2. Eliminates impurities
  3. Removes makeup thoroughly while cleanses and hydrates my skin

So today I’d like to share with you my latest products that I’ve added to my collection of facial care.


Nivea Micellar Water & Cleansing Foam

SAM_7988-001Micellar water is literally everywhere! It might seem like another big innovative marketing product, but to tell you the truth, this product is very effective! Nivea recently launched their Miccelar water, which is a 3 in 1 lotion that removes makeup thoroughly, cleanses and hydrates skin. I absolutely love this product! It really cleanses my skin thoroughly and removes every bit of makeup. I’ve realized that using just a regular cleanser with water isn’t enough, especially when you wear heavy makeup. Now I use Nivea’s Micellar Water and my skin is left clean and hydrated! I’ve also been using the cleansing foam as a daily cleanser and quick fresher up for some time now. The cleansing foam is very easy to use, non-greasy and feels light and fresh on my skin. It’s a good product for those with a combination/oil skin like I have.

Garnier Eye Cream, 24h Hydrating Day Cream, Wasabi Power Scrub


I’ve been using Garnier’s Pure Active Wasabi Power scrub for about one month now and I highly recommend it to anyone with an oily/combination skin. This scrub contains wasabi extract and is made to eliminate impurities and even reduce acne(if you have any). I really love this refreshing scrub. I wouldn’t recommend it if you have  sensitive skin, because it can come across too strong. The funny thing about this wasabi scrub is that Garnier launched this product a few years ago in some countries targeted specifically to men and in other countries to women as well.

Garnier Fresh Essentials 24h hydrating cream for combination skin is a product I’ve been using from time to time as part of my daily facial routine. It’s refreshing, non-greasy and it feels light on my skin.

I love Garnier’s ultra lift eye cream and I use it every now and then in the morning as well as in the evening before I go to bed. It feels very soft around my eyes and makes the lines less visible. I’ve used eye creams from other brands in the past and I always felt this burning sensation around my eyes. And with Garnier’s eye cream I haven’t noticed any. I’ve read a lot of negative reviews about this product though, but it works fine for me!

Essence Anti-Spot Wipes and Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel Cream


When I don’t use a cleansing lotion, I use cleansing wipes to remove the makeup and dirt off my face, followed by a cleansing gel. I like Essence Anti-Spot cleansing wipes, because not only are they refreshingly soft but they help fight spots and impurities.

I have a very oily skin so I always try out different products to tame the oil production. Essence’s anti-shine and mattifying cream is yet another great product that reduces the shine on my face. I even use it as a mattifying primer, before I apply my makeup.

Peel-Off Masks


I love using peel-off masks, because it really peels away any dirt, impurities and especially excess oils! I use a peel-off mask every week and it varies from brand to brand and type to type. I’ve recently purchased honey and chamomile masks by Kneipp and cucumber extract peel-off masks by drugstore brand Onyx. I normally use a peel-off mask in combination with a (hot) mud mask, like the delicious chocolate mask by Montagne Jeunesse.

Well that was my beauty haul for now and I hope you enjoyed the products that I’ve been using as part of my facial care routine.


What type of skin do you have? And what products do you use to make up for your skin care routine? xo, Jey.


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