Embracing My Box Braids


2016-01-18-22-06-18-604 (5)I’ve got myself some new box braids! After one month of letting my hair out, it was time to let it all back in, so I installed new braid extensions. If you’ve been following my hair growth series, I explained in part 4 how I see my hair as nothing more than just an accessory that complements my overall look. I like to play and experiment with my hair and try out different styles just like I do with my clothes. Since I’m on a hair growth journey, I’ve noticed that the quickest and safest way for me to grow my hair is to have it braided with extensions while letting my own natural hair rest in the process. Braiding my hair with extensions is not only a great protective style, but it also stretches my natural hair. And stretching helps me create and retain length.




This April will be one year since I started braiding my hair with extensions(obviously with breaks in between). I usually leave my box braids in for 6-10 weeks and every 3 weeks I re-braid some parts, so they still look fresh.

SAM_7226-0012016-01-18-22-18-53-225 (4)

Some more looks….




Thank you for stopping by…Until the next part of my Hair Growth Series!! xo, Jey.


5 thoughts on “Embracing My Box Braids

  1. You’re looking tres jolie in your braids Jey! You are so lucky, with it being winter there’s nothing more I’d like than to bang on some braids for protective styling but I dare not….basically braids seem to pull my hairline out even when they are not done tightly…my hair has just got super weak even though I’m trying to use all these strengthening products on it….so what I do now are these mama calabar plaits with my tiny short hair coz I dont want to comb and pull at my hair every day…tsigh… ( :

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    1. Thank you Biki, very much appreciated! Yeah you told me once before about braids pulling out your hairline. Have you tried “dr Miracle” growth oil? It really does miracles. And how about corn rows with extension hair? That could be a great protective style as well. 🙂

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      1. I always raise an eyebrow when I see any hair product labelled with the word ‘miracle’ but if you OK it then….yeah, cornrows are a good idea, but I’m scared of doing any style that might pull a little at my hair line. When I do my Mama Calabar single braids at night, I often leave out my hair line so the style does not look clean/presentable to the public but at least the hairs are left alone…

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