Frozen Overindulgence Birthday Cakes



I’ve completely over indulged myself this past weekend with some deliciously homemade cakes. It was my little niece’s 3rd birthday and just like all these little girls all over the world, she’s also crazy about that Disney Frozen movie. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see the video below.

Anyways, she got a Frozen themed birthday party, including two birthday cakes! Yes, two cakes! Spoiled lil’ princess..LOL (still love her though :))

Frozen Cake

Let’s talk cake! Both cakes were just delicious, not too sweet and beautifully designed!! As you can tell from my photos one cake had two layers, completely in the style of Frozen, including little details of snow flakes and Frozen characters.


SAM_7352-002SAM_7353-002SAM_7352-001The inside of the cake was pretty surprising, because it was rainbow colored! The top layer was filled with yellow, red and  orage. The bottom layer was filled with blue, green and purple.



The second cake was completely designed in the style of Princess Elsa(Frozen’s main character). This cake was actually made by my aunt and she did an excellent job!




Two things with these types of detailed cakes are:

1) You don’t want to cut them, because there too beautiful to eat and you’re afraid to ruin it. 2) You just don’t know where to start cutting, because you often don’t know which part is eatable.


Nevertheless, we decided to cut this cake as well and as you can see the part where we had to start was from behind (her butt !). LOL.


The inside was pretty basic and had a touch of blue Frozen-style color.


Beside these cakes, we also had some cupcakes to go along with the Frozen theme! So you can imagine the amount of calories I had over the weekend….


Hence, this week I will start my intense workout with Jillian Michaels and get back in shape!

I hope you enjoyed the photos! Too bad you couldn’t taste them. xo, Jey.

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