How To Create a Zen Atmosphere



You know these moments where you just feel a little off? As if some bad energy is blocking your aura? I felt like this for some time, until I decided to add a bit Feng Shui into my life by clearing and removing any negative energy that’s blocking my aura and space. I started with my bedroom by getting rid of all the unnecessary clutter that no longer served any purpose in my life. Then I went shopping and bought some decorative accessories to make my room more zen.



I love candles and incense. People use candles and incense for different reasons; Spiritual and religious reasons or just to create a warm and lovely ambiance. I personally use candles and incense for all the above, and since I was feeling a bit off, I wanted to try something different. Hence the creation of a more warm, cozy and positive atmosphere in my room by combining scented candles with incense, reed diffusers and some extra decor pieces. I got some red berries scented candles, vanilla incense and reed diffusers in rose scented oil. If only you could smell the combination of scents through your computer…



Using candles and incense alone are a great way to boost positive energy around you, but it also amplifies any room with peace, warmth, coziness and tranquility. Adding reed diffusers don’t only make your room look nice and stylish, but it also keeps it smelling fresh for quite a long time.

To add more character to my room I’ve added some decor, like glass bottles, candle holders, roses and wood items.



The combination of scented candles, incense and reed diffusers really make me feel more calm, relaxed and zen. I light my candles and incense every day now.





How do you add more zen to your life?

xo, Jey

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