My Hair is Just an Accessory…PERIOD


Most people consider their hair as an identity, a part of who they are. To others hair is some sort of statement, but to me, hair is just an accessory. Yes, it is part of my body, but this part of my body can be taken away from me in an instance (through a disease or whatever). Therefore I consider my hair as an asset that doesn’t complete me, but complements me.

Just like bags, shoes and jewelry, I consider my hair as an accessory that adds to my overall look. Obviously my look depends on my emotional state: One day I might feel like wearing jeans, ballerinas and wear my hair in an updo style, and next day I’m up for a dress, heels and let my hair all out.


If you’ve been following my blog you know that I’m currently going through this hair growth and natural hair journey. And I’ve been wearing my hair in its natural state more often. As I’m experimenting with my natural hair, I’m enjoying it more and embracing the process for now. So this is the state I am currently in.



And who knows, I might decide in a year or two to chop it all off, go bald, wear wigs or chemically straightened it again. That’s because I don’t see my hair as part of my identity, It doesn’t define me, I don’t get emotionally attached to it, and my hair is definitely not the reason why I wake up for in the morning. I just think that society has put too much pressure on us women on how we should define our hair and what’s considered “good or beautiful hair”. That’s why many amongst us are slaves to hair trends and styles. I choose to work with what I’ve got, style it as I please as long as it’s on my head. If I would wake up one day and all my hair would be gone, I wouldn’t cry over it(okay maybe for a minute or five or ten), because to me it’s nothing more than an accessory that completes my overall look.



What does your hair mean to you?

xo, Jey.

6 thoughts on “My Hair is Just an Accessory…PERIOD

  1. Omg! Thank you! This whole natural hair movement was/is getting a bit out of hand. I respect your choice to go chemical or natural but please let’s not make it about being African or ethnic or whatever. Thank you

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    1. Hi !! You’re welcome. People often make hair an identity and/or ethnic thing and I choose not to. I just work with what I have as long as I have it and all women should. I completely understand you regarding the natural hair movement, but I believe it’s something that started in the USA, which is rooted in the African-American culture. In Europe(where I live) you sense it less, although the movement is slowly coming over to our side as well. Hopefully it’s just a temporary thing. Thank you for stopping by. xo, Jey.


  2. Hi Jey,
    I like your post. YOU are the identity, your hair is not your identity; it is an accessory. I agree.
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s feature blogger! I was his feature blogger too! Perhaps you’ll check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two; that’s what I write about.

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    1. Hi Janice. Danny is amazing for adding us to his Blogger list!! I will definitely check out your blog as well, because I love to read blogs about becoming a better Blogger. Thanks for stopping by. xo, Jey.

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