First Blow Out x Flat Iron Look


When I returned from my trip to Morocco early December, I removed my braids so I could give my hair a chance to breathe and rest. After I thoroughly washed and deep conditioned my hair I decided that I wanted a change of style. Ever since I started this hair growth journey I had never straightened my natural hair with a flat iron before. So I figured, why not try it out? Also, having my hair straightened out was also a great way for me to see my new length. Obviously I wasn’t going to do it myself, since it was my first time. Besides that, I needed to trim my ends as well, which I had not done in quite some time. And so I went to a salon in Amsterdam and got my hair blown out and straightened with a flat iron. I do have to mention that I pre-dried it with a blow dryer myself at home and tried using my own flat iron, but it failed. This is because I got really, and I mean REALLY THICK hair, and the flat iron I have at home, didn’t work that well on my hair in its natural state. I found out that it’s because I have a flat iron with ceramic plates and the one my hair stylist used on my natural hair was made of titanium plates. I will write a post about the difference between the two later this month once I’ve received my new flat iron.

For now, here’s my new Blow Out x Flat Iron look on day 1.





I’ve had this straightened hair style for about 2 weeks, but I didn’t always wear it down. Sometimes I opted for an updo style and if I did wear it down, I would just go over the strands very quickly with my ceramic flat iron. What I’ve realized is that I cannot always have my hair straightened out like this. Not only because of the heat damage that blow dryers and flat irons may cause in the long run, but also because of the weather conditions. When it’s rainy and foggy outside(especially now during these cold winter months) my hair becomes frizzy the second I step out of the house. It wasn’t like that though when I had it chemically straightened. I guess having my hair in its natural state now comes with its ups and downs. Nevertheless, I really love my flat iron look for a change(when its dry and sunny outside!) .

Here’s more of my straightened look, about two weeks later…

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Thank you for reading. xo, Jey.


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