THURSDAY THOUGHTS | New Year’s Resolutions

ResolutionsI don’t do new year’s resolutions, but I don’t have anything against them either. I focus on daily resolutions and try to live my life the best way that I possibly can. I believe more people should at least try to do that as well.

In the last week of every single year thousands of people all over the world set their new goals for the new year with the idea of starting all “fresh and clean”.  You might have heard this sentence before: “New Year, New Me!” And we all know the familiar new year’s resolutions such as: quit smoking, start exercising, drink more water, eat healthy, find love, quit my job and become my own boss.

Life is short(for most). We all know that. What I don’t quite understand is: Why do people actually need the beginning of a calendar year to start working towards their goal? What if you don’t accomplish your goals by the end of the year? Will you re-set your goals on the 1st of January of the following year(s)? Obviously we can’t ignore the fact that we live our life based on a calendar system, but have we been so indoctrinated with the words “new year’s resolutions”, that we have to wait until it’s January the 1st  to start working on our goals, hopes and dreams? Is it just laziness and an excuse to delay one’s goals until the 1st of January of every year? Shouldn’t everyday be a new beginning, a fresh start, to pursue whatever it is that we want to pursue? Does it even matter if it’s January 1st, or June 22nd? Shouldn’t we be thankful for getting up every day and be able to even see daylight?

Like I mentioned before, I believe in setting daily resolutions, daily micro goals and hopefully they will lead to accomplishing my macro goals and dreams. After all, I don’t know what tomorrow, next week, month or year might bring as no day is guaranteed to anyone. So I see every day as a new beginning, and take it as it comes. I also don’t really celebrate New Year’s eve, because I don’t feel I need to countdown on every year on December 31st until it’s the 1st of January.  I believe that every day is a given day and every day should be celebrated.

John Lennon once sang: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”. I really believe that this is true, because things happen unexpectedly…no matter the date or time. Hence, live the best way you could possibly can every day, so you don’t need to set any new year’s resolutions.

What are your thoughts on New Year’s resolutions?

xo, Jey.

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