What Type of Hair Do I Have?

Ever since I’ve been on this hair growth and natural hair journey, I’ve been experimenting with different products and brands that would best fit my hair needs. In order to find the best hair care, I needed to get familiar with my natural hair type first, but what is my natural hair type?

IMG_20151219_161131Me and my natural hair

Andre Walker, longtime hairstylist of Oprah Winfrey, started this hair typing system that classifies ones texture(running from straight to kinky) and hair type (degree of curl/coil, running from letter A to C). This system is created as a guidance to help us not only to understand our hair better but also aid us with suitable hair care products.

The below charts and photos represent and illustrate the different types of hair and textures.

aw_hairchart_products_finalPhoto credit: Andre Walker Hair


Photo credit: Thevalvedoc.com



Photo credit: Thevalvedoc.com

According to the above illustrations Afro-textured hair(my hair!) is classified as a type “4”.  If  I have to believe this system and categorize my own hair, I fall into the category “4C” hair type, which means I have kinky hair with a very coily curl pattern.

Since I don’t like to be labeled and categorize myself too much, I don’t take this hair typing system so serious as I think many women should do as well. Whether you believe the system or not, I still think it’s important to experiment with different products(whether organic or non-organic) and see what best would fit your hair. Other than that, we all have different types of hair, thickness and length and what most people tend to forget is that our eating habits, illnesses, medications and weather conditions also affect our hair. Besides that, most people have more than 1 texture on their head as well, so different hair requires different hair care needs. I believe to really get a full understanding of my own hair is to create a balance between a healthy lifestyle in combination with trying out different products until I’ve found the best regimen for my type of hair. After all, I’m the only who knows my hair the best! Meanwhile I’m just experimenting with my natural hair journey and loving the process so far!

So tell me, what do you think of this hair typing system? Do you use it as a measurement for your hair care regimen?

xo, Jey.

5 thoughts on “What Type of Hair Do I Have?

  1. I have yet to figure out my hair type. Probably because I have still a couple of inches of relaxed hair left (17 months post relaxer), but you can barely even tell I have a relaxer on my hair now. Either way, I realized that I truly do have 4 different hair types, so it’s hard for me to really find it useful. What’s been helpful for me is experimenting with the popular products and also trying some DIY options.

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  2. Hi, I’m 22 months post relaxer and still have to figure out my hair as well. It’s great to read that you also are experimenting with different products in order to understand your hair better. DIY products with organic ingredients are definitely important as well..after all you are the only one that knows what will work on your hair. I will do a DIY post soon as well 🙂 Enjoy your natural hair journey girl!! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.xo, Jey.

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  3. Your hair is beautiful! I think the hair typing system is fine as a guide. What don’t like is seeing it turn into a competition. Like where people with 4c hair feel inferior to those with 3c or 3c think their hair is better than 4c. I started seeing that in the natural hair community like on youtube and it turned me off. Women of color need to just be happy and feel blessed with what they have. (Btw I have very thick 4c hair and I love every strand :))

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    1. Hi Morgan, Thank you so much! I’m just slowly getting used to my natural hair and embracing it. Oh my gosh, I totally know what you mean when it comes to the black hair competition in our community. I see it more in the USA actually, it happens less in Europe. I honestly don’t get it….I’ve been following Youtube vloggers and some blogs on natural hair, and this whole competing thing about “good hair” is really turning me off as well. You are right, we should be happy and blessed indeed with what we have, and most importantly support one another!! I don’t even know why hair should be even a competition to begin with…I think it’s something that goes back to slavery…..Anyways Thank you for stopping by and reading my post. xo, Jey.

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