Christmas Tree Decoration

Now that the holidays are just around the corner, many are shopping for new christmas decorations or digging up last years deco for this year’s festive season. As for me and my family, we didn’t have a christmas tree last year, just decorations around the home. Even though there wasn’t a christmas tree, we bought an artificial one including accessories for this year. So this weekend I decided to take my time to decorate our family Christmas tree.

When it comes to styling the house with Christmas decorations I believe it’s important to choose a theme and/or specific color palette. We already had different colors or ornaments stocked up, but I opted for a Winter Wonderland theme for our Christmas tree, using an all white-and-silver color palette as my base.


I decorated our tree with a variation of ornaments such as snowflakes, houses, angels, bells, pines, hearts and even some disco balls. I topped the tree with a big silver bow and a sparkling star. I used all white lightning to go with the theme. In front we have Santa Clause with his deers and some angels. I still have to create some fake presents to put underneath the tree though, but we are all set up and good to go!


Are you celebrating Christmas this year? If so, will you have a tree and how will you be decorating yours?

xo, Jey.

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