3 Reasons Why A Digital Detox Can Be Good For You

IMG-20150516-WA0041Every now and then I go on a detox and I don’t mean the detoxification of my body (where I would go on a few weeks of healthy drinks to flush out toxins from my body), but cleansing my mind instead. This is also known as a “digital detox”, where you log off from the internet incl. all social media accounts and disconnect yourself from the online world for a certain period, from 3-days to 1 month.

The internet including social media has made the world smaller in a way that we are better and closer connected with one another. For instance, not only has social media made it able for me to keep in touch with family and friends abroad, but I also got to meet new people. Obviously being always connected can have its down sides too. We are so well–connected that we’ve started to live more online, rather than offline, whether it’s through our smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. Social media has in some way, I believe, taken over parts our lives. Obviously we live in a time where it’s almost impossible to imagine a world without internet, whether you use it for personal or professional reasons.

Just because we spent so much time online, I believe that sometimes it is good for your soul and wellbeing to simply take a break from it all and go on a digital detox. From my own experience I can say that this can be a liberating feeling for the following 3 reasons.

You get to enjoy the moment and live in the present

Being constantly connected with the world online, and share instant moments through photos and videos, we actually forget to just enjoy and live in that very same moment, offline. For example, when you visit a concert, instead of just filming the whole concert (with the mindset of putting it online for your friends to see) why not just enjoy the moment while you’re there and enjoy the music? Try going to a concert without taping it and you will get to experience a moment you will never forget! Same goes for a weekend getaway or a 1 or 2-weeks vacation. It can be difficult in the beginning(trust me I’ve been there), but you will get to enjoy the environment and all its elements(from the birds chirping to the ocean breeze) way better than focusing on taking the best photos to share online. Remember: You can always share the moments afterwards;)

You get to have more time to do other activities/hobbies

When you’ve disconnected yourself from the internet and/or your social media accounts for a few days, week or a month(it’s up to you), you will obviously have more time to do things you’ve always wanted to do or have put aside for while. You might take on a new hobby, develop a skill you always wanted to learn, or simply become more active and go to a gym. Once you decide to go back to the online world, you know that you will spend less online, because you now have more things to do, offline.

You get to be alone with your thoughts

Being alone with your thoughts is something I believe many should try, because it can help you to get to know yourself better. A lot of people have a hard time to spend time alone and getting to know themselves, let alone with their thoughts.  It can be scary hearing your thoughts in the beginning, but a great way to practice this time alone is to write down everything that pops up and just clear your mind.  Being alone with yourself doesn’t only allow you to stay focused, but you also learn more things about yourself that you never thought you could otherwise.


Have you ever been on a digital detox? If so, for how long and how did you cope with it?

Let me know. xo, Jey.



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