What Does Your Nail Polish Color Say About You?

According to psychologists, colors can say a lot about the way you feel and also the kind of personality you have. When it comes to nail polish colors, it’s not about following the latest nail polish trends or just simply “liking” the color hot pink because you think it’s the prettiest color ever. In fact, just like clothes, the color you choose to rock on your fingertips is simply a reflection of your personality and the way you’d like others to perceive you; The representation of yourself.

If you haven’t noticed, some people are very particular in their choice of color when it comes to nail polish. I personally prefer to rock bold and bright colors like, hot pink, fiery red, neon green & sky blue. Not because I just like these colors, but I think that I have the kind of personality that’s bubbly, vibrant, outgoing, open-minded and self-assured.

Here’s a list of nail polish colors and see for yourself where you fit in:

RED : Bold, Self-Assured, Take-Charge-Attitude, Sexy, Elegance, Power, Open-Minded, Zest-For-Life-Attitude

(OFF )WHITE OR CLEAR : Classy, Purity, Innocence, naïve, Professional

YELLOW : Trendy, Unique Sense of Style, Fashion Forward, Risk Taker, Adventurous

PALE/SOFT PINKS : Feminine, Classy, Conservative, Professional.

CORAL : Feminine, Bubbly, Loves The Summer Heat, Happy

ORANGE : Flamboyant, Social, Popular, Bubbly

NEON GREEN : Trendy, Life Of The Party, Vivacious, Energetic, Talkative, “Life-Is-Too-Short-Attitude”

DARK GREEN : Modest, Refined, Patient, Sincere, Gentle

HOT PINK : Chic, Sexy, Bold, Likes Attention, Youthful, Playful

LIGHT/BRIGHT BLUE : Trendy, Stylish, Youthful, Fun, Playful, “Try-New-Things-Kind-Of-Attitude”, Compassionate, Soft, Caring

NAVY/DARK BLUE : Authority, chic.

GOLD : Glamorous, Fashion-Forward

BLACK :  Mysterious, Rebellious

TURQUOISE : Complex, Imaginative, Original

PURPLE : Artistic, Bohemian, Sensitive, Witty, Unique, Authority, Tolerant, Sarcastic

LAVENDER : Graceful, Feminine, Creative, Charming, Witty

BROWN : Patient, Dependable, Conservative, Reliable


What color nail polish matches your personality?

Let me know! xo, Jey.

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