TRAVEL DIARY | One Spontaneous Weekend Getaway To Hong Kong

HK -Victoria Peak

A few years ago I decided to stop planning my life so much and try to live more in the moment. We all know that life isn’t always about sunshine, rainbow and unicorns, and as much as we plan, we’re never sure of how things are going to play out in the end. I’ve noticed that by living more spontaneously, I get to enjoy more and live in the present. Living spontaneously doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money and do the wildest things such as base jumping from the Kilimanjaro or book a one-way ticket to Antarctic or even Mars(which I believe is already happening!).photo (1)

In my case, I love to travel and explore new places I’ve never been before, and Hong Kong was one of those places. So in November 2013 I was sitting behind my desk at work exploring the world map on Google and my eyes were focused on the Asian continent. I’ve always heard great things about Hong Kong, but I never really thought of visiting. And just like that I booked a weekend getaway to Hong Kong island(from Thursday to Sunday) and a colleague came along to join the fun, spontaneously.

On a side note: I used to work for an airline which allowed me to get rebate tickets on stand-by, which means that I only get a confirmed seat if there’s space available on the flight. Just having a standby ticket and not knowing if you will make it onto the flight alone is already a thrilling experience!


I do have to mention that it was an EXHAUSTING weekend(aside from the 11 hour flight!) with lots of spontaneous touristy activities, but I had an amazing time!!

Insta Photo Editor_1385933166412

My trip to Hong Kong is definitely one of my memorable moments of spontaneous travel WITH  JUST A LITTLE PLANNING. Because the only plan I had was to arrive in Hong Kong and stay in a pre-booked hotel(with a flexible cancellation policy of course). ..Everything else was a surprise!

Here’s more of my trip in pictures!

Have you ever traveled spontaneously? If so, where to? Let me know. Xo, Jey.

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