THURSDAY THOUGHTS| New Season, New (Blog)Beginnings

maple leaves montreal canada

With leaves changing colors, days are getting shorter and nights are getting longer,along with the ice cold weather, I have to admit that Fall is my least favorite season. Even though I am a Spring/Summer kind of girl, I can’t deny the beautiful colors of fall leaves. With that being said, a new season usually means new beginnings and for me it’s the creation of a new blog.maple leaves montreal canadaFor a long time I wanted to create a new blog; A new creative space where I get to express myself creatively, but also (re-)develop my writing skills. I used to have a blog before, but that was fashion-focused and I did not like where it was going. Since I’m passionate about more things than fashion alone, I wanted to take on a new direction and create a fusion blog; A blog where I write about a combination of the things I love, get inspiration from and just random topics that pop up in my head. Somehow I always came up with excuses that withheld me from blogging, but today is the day that I’ve decided to (re-)start my blogging journey. I’ve promised myself not to put pressure on myself of posting every single day, instead I will try my best to post once a week. I love to blog(it’s my therapy), but I don’t want to take the fun out of it. So join me and (please be patient with me) as I take on this new, creative journey!

Thank you for reading.



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